What to Do When You Feel Like, “I Just Can’t Decide, and It’s Making Me Feel Nuts!”

I-miss-youI received a note from someone today who said she felt torn between doing this and that and couldn’t make up her mind, and it was starting to make her feel crazy.

Can you relate? I sure can! It’s never a question of WHAT to do, it’s always a question of WHEN.

A few years ago in the hospital recovering from surgery, I felt pretty overwhelmed by pain and hallucinations from the drug they were giving me. I found that the only way out was to focus within. When I got out of the hospital, I decided to see how to use that little technique in regular daily life. And it works!

Each time you feel like you need to do this but your heart wants to do that…or…you better do this to make some money or do that to help your kids…or, fill in the blank  _____ just do this:

Go within to your inner flame.

It’s right behind your belly button. The Chinese call it your Dan Tien. It’s your seat of power. Think of it looking like a little match flame. Grow it until it fills your belly.

Tell it what you have to decide, and ask it what it wants to do.  Then, get really quiet and listen. Usually it’s a question of ‘should-do’ stuff as opposed to ‘fun’ stuff, right?

1. Your inner flame might answer with something you think you ‘shouldn’t’ be doing right then. It’ll feel uncomfortable.

So now you ask another question. This time, ask your mind: if you ‘shouldn’t’ be doing the fun stuff, what ‘should’ you be doing?

Look carefully to see if what you ‘should’ be doing is something important that would support you in moving into more of your Dream or your success.

If it is, then do it. Get it done with. Or at least part of it – get it going, moving. That’ll give you a sense of accomplishment. Then go do the fun thing.

2. It might have answered that it wants you to do the fun thing because it would support you in doing what you ‘should’ be doing.

If so, do that fun thing. After that, go do the ‘should’ thing. Or at least get some movement on it.

See, sometimes the drudgery stuff – the got-to stuff, the “I should” stuff – must be done first to get it out of the way so you can do the fun stuff.

Other times, the fun stuff needs doing first in order to lift your spirits enough to be able to do the drudgery.

Either way, asking your inner wisdom will give you more of a sense of connection with your deepest self, and you’ll feel better about the decisions you make.

Hope that helps.


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