Who Do You Know Who Is Suffering Needlessly?

angerI bet you know at least one person who’s fighting anger, depression, irritability, nightmares and unwanted memories.

Maybe a vet, or a public service person from any arm of the military, police, coast guard or fire department.

Maybe someone who’s been abused, gone through any kind of shock or accident, or loss of a spouse or child.

Maybe a woman who’s been raped, hit, degraded or made to think little of herself.

Do they seem like they’re living a happy, contented life?

I didn’t think so.

“Oh, don’t worry about me….”

Many people who have gone through traumatic experiences might seem OK on the surface, saying, “Oh I”m alright, don’t bother with me!”

But I guarantee you they really, really suffer when they’re alone and no one’s watching.

And of course, some can’t hold the anger or hurt in – hitting their spouses, children or even friends, striking out from the unrelenting, ceaseless, intense pain inside them. Even though they hate themselves later for striking out. Even though they do their best not to.

No one should have to go through that. NO one.

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Shell Shock, PTSD, Taboo Emotions….

My dad had what they called shell shock after coming home from WWII. He’d been on a tiny little boat in the Pacific, shooting at mines in the water for two years.

Today they call it PTSD. They had no treatment for it at that time. There was no one to talk to, and it was silenced, thought of as shameful, taboo, unmanly.

I can only imagine how much pain he would not have had to suffer if he’d had the pain-releasing resources we have today like EFT and TBT (Emotional Freedom Techniques and Trauma Buster Technique, in case you don’t know about them).

No More Holding Back!

As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any longer a single solitary excuse for >anyone< to suffer like that.

You KNOW what I’m going to say next, don’t you!?!

If you, or a loved one, or someone you know is suffering from the effects of trauma, shock, intense fear, untenable loss or an accident….please! Get yourself or them to one of Trauma Expert Rehana Webster’s workshops, will you?

She flies all over the world to help people. So far this year she’ll be in:
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If you think your trauma is un-fixable, I’m telling you right now, it is not. Rehana works with girls and women who have been gang raped, chased out of their homes, stoned and declared “kari” – set to die, ‘honor’ killed by family. And she’ll soon be working with a world reknowned doctor who helps women whose faces have been acid-burned by husbands, boyfriends and pimps.

Your trauma CAN be released, too.

Help yourself, Help Others

Please, help yourself and the ones you love. Send them to one of these workshops.

And if you’re an energy practitioner yourself, get to one, as well, because you’ll discover how you, too, can use TBT to help people you work with.

You’ll be amazed at how fast, permenent, easy, and even smooth using TBT is. And even fun, if that doesn’t sound too weird!

Go HERE now & choose the one nearest you.

“Oh, I won’t Need That!”

I never thought I’d need TBT in my coaching because I work with business people.

Silly me! Last week, a business man I was working with went into panic during one of our sessions, because he started thinking of … climbing a ladder!

After just 45 minutes of TBT, he was able to belly laugh about it – even though fear of heights had haunted him and skewed his life for over 30 years, and made him feel inadequate in his work, and less than a man for his wife and family.

He’d been filled with shame, avoiding anything and everything that had to do with triggering his fear of heights. Now he no longer has to do that, and the world has opened up to him.

What About You?

What would open for you, your friend or clients if you all knew what to do to clear the trauma, shock and the nasty effects of trauma from your system?

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