How to Soften & Connect with the Divine w/o Becoming a Total Wimp

we-do-itIt’s time to soften. From what I see in the media, we’re about to lose the health of our entire planet. It’s time for the love of power and the warrior mindset in the power-seeking greed-saturated armed forces, police forces and government, to end.

I’m not sure where the rough, cruel, brutal and barbaric mentality started to be OK in the mainstream, but I’m really, really tired of it. Okra farms being raided by SWAT teams? Little old ladies who are handicapped being pulled out of their cars and thrown on the ground by big beefy cops? 14-year old girls arrested for FB posts? Come on, this is unreal and should NOT be a part of our every day reality!

If you look at movies that were made before the early 70s, you’d think they were slow-moving and vapid compared to the fast-moving, hard-hitting, power-action movies we’re so used to now. The acceptance of brutality has came about slowly and insidiously over the past 30+ years. TV, increasinlgy war-oriented movies and our war-obsessed media has increased our numbness to the harshness portrayed. Yes, man has been brutal down the ages. In war. Looting, raping, pillaging…after conquering places. But EVERY DAY? It’s wrong wrong wrong.

The ‘ethics’ of war changed radically in WWII when, all of a sudden, it was deemed OK to bomb civilians. Used to be only military installations. But now not only civilians are bombed, it’s done by mechanisms far away or completely hidden from the intended targets. No ‘intelligence’ about the hits at all. So what if it’s 40 village leaders sitting at peace talks! Kill ’em! So what if it’s a bunch of women and children, or a wedding, or a school – kill ’em! Send that stealth bomber in! It’s wrong wrong wrong. (These are all real things that have actually happened.)

Do you remember seeing anyone dressed up like storm troopers before seeing Star Wars? Now we see them all the time – in huge weapon-laden black outfits prepped to withstand all kinds of attack, on SWAT teams and sneak elite ninja anti-bad-guy raiders. In white as chemical warfare agents. We’re so used to seeing these guys we don’t think twice about it anymore. Big black helicopters hovering over your house? No biggie. The low hum of jets overhead at night from the local air base? No biggie. Our own gov spraying chemicals on us in the atmosphere? No biggie. It’s wrong wrong wrong.

In my maybe not-so-humble opinion, this warrior mentality has to stop being the be-all, end-all mindset for our times. I want to see all of us who care go within and start to soften the hard attitudes keeping us from connecting to our divine source. I figure that as long as I am in fear, anger, grief, rage, arrogance, I cannot connect – cannot even hear or see or feel the way in.

How to go in and soften? How to go in and soften and not become a complete wimp?

Sit still. Close your eyes. Listen. Allow the regular sounds of the world just be – they just ARE, and that’s OK. Let your attention to your thoughts and the world slip away. Listen deeper, for the hum of the earth, of life itself. It can sound like the deep thrum of the ocean. It can sound like the shushing of night insects, or even the shush of traffic. It can sound like the wind in the tress – even though there may not be any wind.

Listen to those deeper sounds. Allow them to take you to that place in your mind where you are way more than just a hunk of flesh. Where your awareness extends out light years.

Now look at your life and find the things you are truly grateful for. Simple things, like the way your dog rushes to welcomes you home or cuddles up to you when you’re sitting down. The look of innocence and delight in your child’s eyes. The way music moves you like nothing else can. The way your pillow feels when you hit the bed at night and the way your body can sink into your bed and be comfortable. I think of all the people lying on cold stone or dirt floors and am so grateful for this bit of comfort.

Allow the hum of the world to keep saturating your inner hearing. Allow it to continue as you go about your day. Allow it to help you remember that it’s not necessary to be cruel, brutal or barbaric in any of your dealings. Focus on how your heart feels.

Remember to be kind, generous, creative, bold and soft all at once. Be in love with love, rather than the love of power. Take a stand and speak up for the things you think count. DO love. That’s softening without becoming a wimp.

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