Do You Know How to Get Rid of Fear of Surgery?

A friend of mine was about to go in for gall bladder removal. She was afraid, and asked me what to do before the procedure to help get over her fears and to heal well and rapidly.

This is the list I made for her.


1. Start tapping two nights (or more, if you can) before
your surgery.

Tap on releasing fears of surgery;
trusting your docs to do a fine job;
and any fears of not getting through
alive (very common fear).

2. The day before the surgery,
tap on how easy the surgery will be, and
how clean the cut will be,
how relaxed your body will be,
how good the docs and nurses are, and
recovering fast from the anesthetic
recovering fast the procedure itself.

3. The day of surgery, tap on
the procedure going well,
the anesthetist being careful, and
your not having any adverse reactions to any of the
drugs they give you.
the docs being careful and doing a great job,
the docs sewing you up so you hardly have a scar
(mine looks like the doc was hit by lightning mid-cut –
or maybe like he was using a butter knife).
ease of waking up after an easy successful procedure.

4. The day after, tap on
healing fast and well with little to no pain, and
the scar disappearing within a year.

Here’s what happened for me

hugI did all of that. Thankfully, I had a lovely friend (always grateful, Helena!) who sat with me in the hospital and supported me – make sure you have that, too. Get someone who knows how to tap, too!

I tapped before the procedure, on the way to the op room, and afterwards. I tapped so much I had NO pain.

I asked for stop the IV drip of pain meds because the meds were making me have horrendous dreams/visions.  The docs didn’t believe me, so I had to challenge them.

I bugged them so much that they said I could try for 5 hours. After 4 hours with no complaint about pain from me, they finally relented.

The incision healed twice as fast as normal, and within a month the docs said I was a walking miracle of healing-fast.

Tapping works.


cultured-cabb-071514Make sure you eat lots of cultured foods starting right now – if you can handle milk solids, drink Kefir. If you can, drink Kombucha.

To the left is what my home-made red cabbage cultured veggies looks like – crunchy, crispy and delish! (Yes, some people call it sauerkraut)

Get or make your own cultured veggies (salt pickles, sauerkraut – made without vinegar!) and have a couple bites before every meal.

There’s a great brand I get at my local health store called Wild Brine – not sure you can get it where you are. Make sure there is NO vinegar in your cultured veggies! Vinegar kills the probiotics!

My doc friend told me there are more probiotics in one tsp of cultured foods than a whole jar of probiotic pills. And the probiotics are more assimilate-able than the pills.

The probiotics will not harm your meds. They will help you balance out your gut bacteria so your body doesn’t get sick from a lack of good bacteria (which antibiotics kill).


A great website for info about cultured foods is She has recipes, culturing products, and health stories. She has done massive research in her years of resolving health problems with cultured foods.


Here’s an article with info on antibiotics that will prepare you for the onslaught of antibiotics your doc may want to dump on you.

Read it carefully. There is a long list of footnotes I thought it very smart to pay attention to. There are antibiotics I absolutely will NOT be taking.

I am no physician, and this is not advice – it is simply what I did/do.


If you do nothing else, tap.

If you know nothing about tapping, go here:

Go through the free demo. Take it seriously – I didn’t put it there just for fun! Set it up so no one else will see or hear you so you can feel safe from derision or criticism from others.

It will take a few minutes but will shift you profoundly if you allow yourself to sit with the questions and directions and be honest about the answers you give.

(Just in: got a nice note from someone saying they used the demo and their raging headache had gone down considerably. How cool is that?!?)

To your magnificent health, always –

Remember I love you!

aloha –

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