3-Level Tapping for Zero Pain

Tonight on facebook, I saw no less than five posts written by people who were experiencing various types and levels of pain.

disappointment-2When I asked them if they knew how to tap, not one did.

Every time I see that, I want to scream and yell and cry! Tapping makes pain ease or even completely leave! Why doesn’t the whole world know about tapping????


How would your life have been as a kid if you’d known how to release emotions responsibly, and if you could have handled your mental, emotional and physical pain easily!?!

How would your life as an adult change if you knew how to tap – and did do it?

(How many people do I know who know how to tap – but don’t! You’re busted!)


That’s why I created EFTinEveryHome.com – with a free tapping demo. Imagine if your pain could ease only a little – wouldn’t that make your life better? What if it would go away with no trace at all? If you don’t know about tapping, I invite you to read the rest of this note, and then go use the demo.


Some have said to me that pain lets us know when there is something wrong that needs addressing, so should be left alone.

I agree up to a point – if there is a new pain and you need to explore what’s going on, sure! That makes sense.

But what if you already know there’s something wrong!?! Are you supposed to sit there and take it like a highly trained, war-hardened Marine?

I say no! I’m not a hardened Marine – and I have absolutely no intention to suffer any more than needs be!


So how would you like to know how to use tapping on three levels of consciousness so you can eliminate or vastly relieve any pain you feel – whether it is emotional, mental or physical?

You might say you already know how to tap for pain.

OK, but do you know how to tap about your feelings about your pain?

Or your feelings about your feelings?

Yup, you read that right. I’ll show you in a minute.

I discovered this a long time ago when the original EFT recipe of tapping: “this pain, this pain, this pain,” didn’t do it for me. Boring! And ineffectual after a point.

Here’s what I mean.

So you stubbed your toe. Or fell downstairs and banged your elbow. Or you lost your boy friend, or feel angry someone dissed you or cut you off in traffic or dented your car. Or your best friend hurt your feelings. Or you cut your finger with your veggie knife.

What do those have in common? Pain. But you can tap on each and every one of them.

Let’s take cut-my-finger-with-my-veggie-knife one – especially since that’s exactly what I did tonight!


Following the original recipe for tapping, I’d start with the karate chop point, and say, “this pain, I cut my finger, it hurts, look how much it bleeds, it hurts, etc.” Pretty surface stuff.

Then I’d use the same words down the points from top of head to under arm. (See EFTBooks.com/the-points for the chart of where to tap)

Yes, indeedy, it hurt! But, problem is, the tapping only got me halfway out of pain because it didn’t really address the other stuff I was feeling.


So then I tapped like this: “I hate this pain, it really hurts, this sucks, I wonder if I’ll have to have stitches, I’m bleeding all over the place, wow it really hurts, I feel so stupid, how clumsy am I!, I shoulda worn my glasses, I was in a hurry,” etc.

That got the pain down about three quarters of the way. But I wanted it all to go, and it was still bleeding a lot.


So I included this layer of thoughts: “I hate it that I hate the pain. I’m not a hater. I’m a lover! But I still hate it. I hate it that I feel stupid, that I could have avoided the whole thing by going slower and wearing my glasses! It’s bleeding all over the damn place. I hate worrying if it will get infected. I hate this – it’s boring and taking up time I want to be doing other things with.”

Now that worked. All pain: gone. No more bleeding, either. Easy to bandage with no seeping.


How many times have I tapped three levels like that?!?
•   For a badly sprained ankle, with no one to help me 1/4 mile back home from my walk – pain gone, no swelling. Tender, but I got home with no swelling or pain.
•   For countless bee stings from going barefoot on the grass – no pain, no redness, no swelling. If I were allergic to bee stings, do you think this might just be a little important to know about? You bet!
•   Even for a centipede bite. They inflict killer-level pain and huge hot horrid swelling. And tapping resistant! It took me three days to get to no pain, but before I learned about tapping, it took three >weeks< for the pain and swelling to go down for the other bite. I’ll take three days over that any time.
•   For that time my finger got slammed by the rat trap – zero pain within 5 minutes.

I could go on, but you get the point. Tap on any pain – physical, mental or emotional.



Tap what’s happening right in front of you. Never mind the emotions yet. Just the facts.


Now tap on how you feel. Scared, angry, stupid, embarrassed, infuriated, sad, silly, disbelief, clumsy – whatever.


This is the humdinger that gets it to zero. Tap now on how you feel about how you feel. “I hate it that I hate it, I’m ashamed to be feeling angry, I should be feeling grateful I’m alive instead of angry, etc.”

Once you get all those little threads of thinking, you’ll be at no-pain.

Try it!

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