The Pleiadian Protocol to Reduce Excess Body Mass

sm-depression-2Have you ever had a long spell of feeling really great, and then, completely out of the blue, one day you wake up almost in panic, or extreme distress?

That’s what happened to me last week, with a very deeply felt personal worry.

Even tapping only went so far to get me any relief. Just allowing the smallest thought about this problem made my heart beat like crazy and my chest feel like I had chains around it that were getting tighter and tighter.

My hands were dripping sweat, and I had this unshakable conviction that if I started crying, I would never stop, ever.

I felt Hulk-sized pile-driver pressure behind my eyes, giving me a massive headache. Massive.

After a full morning of this, I was beside myself, because it was so horrid I didn’t see how I could shift it, much less ride it out.

Yes, I was tapping, doing my usual “something-amazing-is-happening-right-now” conscious thinking – and yet – under it all was this hideous pain.

Yes, I’m an experienced tapper and perspective-shifter and creative reality-shifter.

Rebecca Marina MessengerYes, even those of us who are, still get bowled over by life’s challenges! This is part of the shamanic process we all go through to let go of what isn’t working, and creating something new out of it.

Only the letting go part wasn’t happening for me.

I told my buddy Rebecca Marina Messenger about it, and she suggested I come to her class that she just happened to be teaching that afternoon.

Then she told me the name of it. Great name, I thought to myself…but…


I wasn’t sure it would, since the topic of the class wasn’t on what was specifically going on for me.

But I really trust Rebecca, so I attended anyway. And, sure enough,  within the first five minutes of the first process she took us through, I had the most powerful, most profound shift I’ve ever had. Ever.

(Impatient? CLICK HERE to get it – and use the word ME in the coupon box for a savings!)

Within a fraction of a second of doing the last part of the very first exercise, ALL of the constriction in my chest, the too-fast beating heart, the sweaty palms, the worry and incessant repeating self-talk in my mind, and the intense pressure behind my eyes and massive headache were gone.

Snap-your-finers gone!

Totally. How many words can I use to convey the miracle of it? Utterly, completely, magically gone.

And there had been no tapping, no going over stories, what was wrong with me, no talk about parents, feelings or past events – just *poof* – the entire thing was gone.

It was a good thing I was lying down, because the short, fast process was so powerful that I literally zonked out from it – my conscious mind was suddenly presented with something so completely out of the norm that it couldn’t make it fit within the usual same-old-same-old mindset it was used to holding, and it went into wait-a-minute-while-I-adjust-here-folks mode.


…the name of the class: “The Pleiadian Protocol for Reducing Excess Body Mass Audio Course.”

See why I wasn’t sure it would work?

When Rebecca told me the name, I thought, is she nuts? Pleiadian? Body-mass?

But I also thought, what have I got to lose?

And besides, I knew from experience that her classes are always powerful, fun, completely unique and exceptionally well-done.

Turns out that, indeed, the protocols can be used for other than “Excess Body Mass”-related stuff!

Turns out that my repetition of something-amazing-is-happening-right-now was more true than I could ever have imagined.


I’ve been in continued amazement all week long, because my mind has been so clear of the constant stream of thinking that I had been accustomed to around this one subject. It’s just not there.

So wonderful not to have that dark cloud of downward thinking in my head anymore!


If you think you might want to experience this for yourself – for whatever subject you’d like to try it on – I highly recommend it. And it really did feel like magic.

So far, I’ve gone back and listened to the audios 4 times, each time addressing a different subject, and getting good results.

Frankly, the other times I used it were not as profound as the 1st time, but that’s because the charge on the new subjects wasn’t as great as the first one, and I knew what to expect. But just the same, the newer issues I worked on are…just no longer there.

Even if you don’t think there’s any such thing as a “Pleiadian” body of knowledge….(I mean, if it works, who cares where it came from or what it’s called?)

Even if you don’t have a “body-mass” problem…

…you can still try it! I invite you to try it on money challenges, or relationship stuff, or find-clients problems, or…with whatever is bothering you right now, even if it’s just a little itch, rather than a big broken something.

You fill in the blank:
“I’m frustrated about ________ .”
“I wish I could change ________ .”
“My life would be so awesome with (or without) ________ .”

Let’s see how free you can get yourself. I want to hear from you what you used it on and what happened for you!


AND – when you click on the purchase button, enter the word ME into the coupon box to get a savings!

You get 4 audios of a solid, power-packed, no fluff 2-hour class, so her charge of 67 bucks is pretty incredibly inexpensive.

Rebecca split the audios up into easy-to-listen segments so you can choose which ones to go listen to again and again.

And because Rebecca is so generous, we get it for even less!

Go for it – I dare you feel as good as I do right now!

Get the 2-hour audio course HERE!


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