Want to Release Extra Weight?

If I gave you an expandable bag to carry, and added one ounce to it every day, within a couple years you’d be carrying around a 100+ pound bag. Certainly not with ease, but you’d be able to carry it.

That’s what happens when you gain weight over time. You are able to carry it because the gaining so gradual.

The effects can be terrible – insulin resistance, diabetes, skin tags, skin problems, rashes, allergies, bad knees, thin hair, sore back, heavy breasts, thighs chafing, pins and needles in swollen feet, rolls around your belly falling over your waistband – but – you’d still be able to carry it.


Sometimes, it’s a shock or trauma that gets through the everyday denial that things are OK as is, and you end up with the sudden realization that Something Needs to Change.


Sometimes it isn’t until someone looks at a photo of themselves that they really get what has happened to them. So many times my clients have exclaimed, “OMG when I saw that photo of myself I was mortified!”

Or it was a visit to the doc, hearing, “You are not just overweight, but obese, and on a hard road to diabetes. You have to take ___ drugs now and for the rest of your life.”

When I went for a checkup and found out my home scales were a full twenty pounds off, and that I was my grandmother’s diabetic clone, I felt as if I had stuck my fingers in a wall socket – shocked to the max. No! I will NOT inject myself every day with insulin! I refuse!

I drove home completely dazed. 256 pounds? Really? I stripped off all my clothes and, really LOOKing in the mirror, I did a very hard assessment.

I vowed to change, no matter what. And isn’t the Universe just such a funny, lovable thing, it gave me the answer the same day.



I started using a method that wasn’t a diet at all, more a way of life.

And I did a LOT of internal processing.

Subsequently, I decided to move away from Hawaii to California. And as I packed to leave my home of over 50 years, I sweated off a lot of the extra weight. Now that I’m not so physically active here in California, amazingly, the pounds are still falling off, one by one.


Two things: 1: I resolved the underlying emotions that had been holding me back. Emotions that were so deep they seemed to be my Everyday Truth. They were so invisible that I didn’t see them, nor did I realize they were ruling me.

I’m 30 pounds lighter and on my way to release more. The heaviness of my life is lifting. My physical bag is getting smaller, and my emotional bag has changed enormously.

And 2: I found a way to lose weight that isn’t based on fear and deprivation. You now, I’m sure, about how diets are all about don’t eat this or that, it’s bad for you or it’s fattening. And it used to be eat less, work out more.

Now I don’t do any of those things. I eat what I want, and don’t even work out! I’m not on a diet. I have a lifestyle, instead.


Are you tired of hauling around unwanted heaviness – both in your body and your heart? Have you been able to face the fears and doubts you have about weight loss and the repercussions of getting slimmer?

Please let us help.

In our FREEbie workshop, Colleen Flanagan and I briefly mention the dietless way we let go of the weight. It’s important, yes. But until you get to the bottom of the emotions? There just ain’t gonna be much movement.

Or if there is, it will either be discouragingly slow, or, one day you will revert and regain that heaviness.

Because those sneaky emotions MUST be addressed. They want your attention, so you can be set free from them!


Once you are set free from feelings like “I’m disgusting!” – which is what underlaid my own thoughts – you can be, “I’m delightful and a real gift to the world!”

Once you are free from “I hate how I look,” you can be “Wow, I never realized how beautiful I am!”

I dare you: stop and really feel how you feel when you read these words: “I never realized how beautiful I am!”

Does it make you squirm to think you’re beautiful?


Last night in conversation over Thanksgiving dinner, I said, “You are just so beautiful” to a dear friend who just happens to be obese … and she slapped me!

It was a knee-jerk response. She was so embarrassed! She told me her mother scolded her for being vain as a kid, because she’s an actress, and loved practicing in front of the mirror. She hates mirrors now.


What would it be like to be able to say to yourself, “I’m beautiful” – and not have any shame about it, or any misplaced pride, either?

What would it be like to be able to walk around in your body and not be ashamed of how it looks or feels? To even be happy with it!

What would it be like to be able to run – or even just take a walk – without jiggling parts, or ending up exhausted or in pain?

How would you feel about not having to shop at Goodwill or charity stores for oversize clothes, and finally being able to wear beautiful tops, shirts, jewelry, pants, coats and shoes?

I had to stop wearing bracelets because they no longer would fit around my Mr. Doughboy wrists. I so look forward to being able to get them on – and to them jangle again, not cut off my circulation.

And I look forward to being able to get into my favorite shoes again – my feet swelled up two whole sizes when I gained all that weight! Soon! Soon – one more size to go.


After I got myself out of my trap in Hawaii, I felt – no, FEEL! – like a new person. I did it! It completely changed me. I have never felt so assured of myself as I do now.

Who will you be after you get clear of the emotions that hold you back?

What if you could start or complete a project you’ve put off forever?

What if you had more confidence? Self-care? Love for your family and friends?

What if you could not only become more slender, if you so choose, but become the very person you know you are here to become?


I believe we are each here to spread love and light. I know, that sounds pretty woowoo and la-la. I don’t care. It’s what I believe.

If we are immersed in worry, self-consciousness, I-hate-myself-and-my-body, and feeling bad about ourselves, how on earth can we spread joy? Impossible. We can only do it partially – very weakly, at best.


We all know diets don’t work. Who wants to go on a die-it? Not I. I want to Live-it. And now I have a way of managing my fuel and my food enjoyment that is simple and easy and efficient. We will show you that way very briefly.

More importantly, we will be helping you find and resolve the invisible emotional blocks that want to keep you safely numb and not-feeling so you can merely survive.

We will show you how to scale those monumental-seeming mountains of feelings that keep you stuck being overweight and helpless and angry and self-loathing.

Then you can stand at the top and plant your flag of victory and thrive, in health and gracious self-love.


My tapping buddy, Colleen Flanagan, and I have found that there are 7 basic emotions that sabotage you and keep you stuck.

These 7 sneaky emotions sabotage you right from the get-go if/when you decide you want to change your weight or do activities that get you healthier. Unless you transform them, the sabotage goes on and on.

WANT to GET FREE, too?

I invite you to join me and my good buddy, Intuitive Dowser, Emotions Whisperer, & bestselling author, Colleen Flanagan, for a tapping Workshop to beat all Workshops.

Colleen and I show you how to free yourself from the 7 Sneaky Emotions, so you can get a massive jump-up from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you are tired of the 7 Sneaky Emotions keeping you trapped in the eternal, frustrating, no-win yo-yo cycles of infuriating weight loss and regain, please, do yourself a big favor and get our FREEbie workshop audio recordings, so you can get personal attention and help getting free!

We will help you turn these 7 Sneaky Emotions on their heads so you can set yourself free!

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You know I love you!

much aloha (the California kind!)


Intuitive Dowser, Emotions Whisperer, & bestselling author Colleen Flanagan has guided thousands of clients since 2002 to blast through their barriers to physical health, professional success, joy, inner strength, and self-control.

Emotional Breakthrough expert, artist, & bestselling author Angela Treat Lyon is a gifted, humorous, inspirational workshop presenter & coach. Since 2001, she’s directed clients worldwide to create better lives via her private sessions, books, audios, workshops & webinars.

Let’s have some FUN, break thru a bunch of emotional barriers, so you can experience successful health and slenderness!

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