How to Deal with Ughy Relatives Over the Holidays

Yesterday at the grocery store, I saw – well, heard – a woman berating her child for dropping and spilling something all over the floor.The horrible things she was yelling at this 5 or 6 year old were unbearable. She must have been upset about something else, too, because the energy she was releasing over such a small thing was way out of proportion to what actually happened.

I moved down to the end of the aisle, my heart beating really fast, and my face heating up as I felt her rage – it was slopping all over everyone in the store. I turned the corner and allowed myself the space to breathe and relax, and get back to center again.

As I did so, I thought of a little energy trick I like to use on people who really need a shift but have no clue even that they do, nor how to do it.

I envisioned a huge fish net made of bright pink threads, descending from the clouds, slowly pulling in love-energy as it floated all the way down to where it finally landed on her and the girl and wrapped them in itself.

All of a sudden, the yelling stopped, and there was a palpable difference in the feel of the store.

I peeked around the corner, and the mom had this blank look on her face, like she wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but she couldn’t get back to her ranting attitude.

And there was one of my favorite store people, leaning down and comforting the little girl, and telling the mom it was OK, not to worry about it.

It worked!

I’ve done this a lot in stores. It works like a dream every time.

I’ve also used it in difficult family situations where I couldn’t get away or change the situation with words.


At this time of year, we often feel an obligation to party or gather with people with whom we are either uncomfortable with, or who we just downright do not like. Many times it is the in-laws who don’t like us, or cousins/aunties/unclies/parents/sibs who feel they have the right to rant and rag on us for various not-always-justified reasons.


If you find yourself in a situation where people are mean, rude, nasty, snide, covertly manipulative or abusive, I suggest that you use the Pink Love Net.

I know, it sounds really woowoo, doesn’t it? But it really does work.


Excuse yourself – even if you’re in the middle of something, even if they are yelling at you. Choose to give yourself the love you need, and get yourself outside, to another room, to your car, or somewhere you can be safe, and get some space.

If you absolutely cannot leave, allow yourself to do the process in your mind. It still works.

Breathe deeply and get centered as best you can, until you’re more calm. You don’t have to go into a deep Om-I’m-enlightened space – just get a little more clam. A good way to do that is to picture a little fire, like a flame from a match, right in your belly. Aim your attention there, and ask the flame to grow and help you be calm and strong.

Now envision a huge pink net gathering love and kindness and sweetness from all around, and see it falling on the person – or people – you choose.

(Why pink? You could always use any color, but pink is the color of the heart chakra. Well, pink and green, but we think of green as being health-related, and pink as being love-related.)

Wait for the net to completely enwrap the person or people, and ask it to release all of its love energy on them.

(If you cannot ‘see’ it, then feel it, or hear it, or smell it, or taste it, or think about, or imagine it. Use whatever mode works best for you.)

When that net comes down onto them, the energy in the entire place will shift.

Now you can rejoin the conversation or go back into the room and feel more comfortable.

Try it. It really does work.

Why? Because we really do create our own experience. As such, when you choose to shift your own energy and create space for love, how can it refuse? It won’t.

Intention plus love plus direction = love.


I hope that whatever tradition you follow, or no tradition at all, you have yourself a lovely, fine, fun, fulfilling time during this holiday break.

Give yourself the love you need, and share it with others using the pink net.

You know I love you!

much aloha love,


My dear friend, Rebecca Marina, was the one who came up with the pink net – credit where credit is due! This little quick process has saved the vibes in places and situations in my own life more times than I can tell – I hope you’ll take it and use it to the max!


One of my fave times to use it is when people are tailgating me. You know how that feels, right? They seem like they are 3″ away, and that there’s a monster in that truck yelling and shouting at you, shaking fists or giving you the finger, and it feels like you’ll be run off the road any minute.

Make the net! It works like a charm.

Take a deep breath, get a little more calm, make the net – and by the time you look in the rear-view mirror again, they have backed off and the energy is nowhere near as awful as it was.

If you cannot get calm because the energy is so intense, ask whoever you believe in – Jesus/god/spirit/source/the-universe – to do it for you. It will.

Try it!

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