Why Does Tapping Work?

vibrateTime and time again, people ask me why tapping works. I found a great article by an acupuncturist here in Hawaii in a local health magazine that gives a good idea why.

I have included excerpts of it here. As you probably know, when we tap we use acupuncture meridians, so just imagine she’s talking about tapping as well as acupuncture.

I like it that she calls us the original transformer – you know how I’m always saying “It’s just energy!” Fits right in perfectly. Here are a few important excerpts from her article:

You Are the Original Transformer
– Sherry Malin, RN, MAcOM, CNOR, LAc

You are electrifying! Your body is an amazing… collection of complex systems and intricate functions.

Did you know that the human body generates electrical energy  through organic and cellular action? This energy travels throughout your body through [energetic] pathways.

Variations in energy generation and current can create imbalance in ionic charges. The variation is associated with pain and disease.

Research has shown that we generate AC electrical fields around our nerves and muscles, and DC electromagnetic fields around our brain.

Acupuncture points have greater electrical conductivity than surrounding tissues. The therapeutic effect of acupuncture stem from its ability to discharge potential ionic differences. Doing so helps bring about optimal charge conditions within the body.

I hope that enlightens you a little bit – it sure made sense to me. Thanks, Sherry!

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