Marketing Success Tips for Artists by Successful Artists

sm-depressionIf I had had training in art marketing ‘back in the days,’ I’d never have had the grinding, constant worry, depression or confusion I suffered with for over 40 years until I finally figured it out.

I hated the very idea that I had to make the art AND sell it. I thought, “Heck, dentists, lawyers and store owners don’t market their work – they get others to do it! Why should I? And when? I was too busy making the art (gripe, gripe, complain)….”

But I didn’t realize that virtually everything an artist does is marketing.

sm-happinessFrom the clothes she wears to the motorcycle he rides to the galleries we show in to the way we talk to people – it’s all part of developing relationships with people and making sure we communicate that we have something to offer that is of value to the community – not just our products but ourSELVES.

So maybe now you can remember to have fun at marketing – and check this out – I wish I’d had this information way back when! The perfect home-study marketing course for artists.

I hope this information helps you get to that next step and to create more success – especially if it has eluded you for a while!

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