EFT Tapping…in French?

Parlez-vous français?

Do you remember Nick Ortner’s World Tapping Summit in February 2011, when an exclusive selection of EFT experts presented this fabulous tool to listeners all over the world?

If you happen to speak French, I’m really pleased to let you know about a similar event with you, which will take place from March 29th through April 4th 2012: The 2nd Virtual EFT Congress in French: http://congress.eft-le-congres2012.com

My friend and colleague EFT Expert, Maria Annell noticed a sad lack of EFT resources for French speakers, so she created this Virtual EFT Congress, that attracted some 3000 participants from 54 countries for the first edition in 2011!

13 of the most prominent experts in the French speaking EFT world gather to present their special ways of using EFT.

You’ll discover how to:
•   break free from being overweight
•   stop smoking
•   relieve stress
•   overcome the loss of a loved one
•   improve your significant relationships
•   achieve financial success
and much more…

And best of all: you can listen in for free!

The teleseminars will start on March 29th 2012, sign up now – it’s FREE! http://congress.eft-le-congres2012.com


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