I Hate(d) Goals

postIf you’re one of those artists who say, “don’t tell me I have to market my work, I just make it,” you’ll really appreciate the solutions for easier marketing in this note today.

That actually goes for you health, biz and energy coaches and practitioners, too – especially the Right-Brain goals ally I’m going to tell you about!

When anyone says to me that I need to set goals, I literally cringe. Well, I used to. That was before I figured out how to do it my own way.

I thought of a goal as either a big, probably long-term aspiration, or a little soon-to-be-accomplished something. Either way, I’d think of them and feel nuts. Here was this big picture, and I couldn’t encompass it in my mind in a practical way.

I felt like I couldn’t set or accomplish goals, that I was a failure, something must be wrong with me because I didn’t relate to all the goal stuff people taught, how come they can do it but not me….

Then someone pointed out to me that when I was thinking about goals and feeling crazy it was because it was too big a picture. I couldn’t sink my teeth into it and make any progress because I didn’t know where to start.

She told me that I needed to set my goals first, and then go FURTHER and create little steps to take to accomplish them. Then I’d be OK. Because then I could do each step and cross it off my list, and feel satisfied I was making progress. It’s the steps, not the goals, that I need to think about, even though the goal is always in the back of my mind keeping me on track.

THEN! I was introduced to the coolest goals-help I’ve ever seen: the Artist’s Goal Wheel – all in right-brain languageing, colors and steps. You’ll love this if you’ve ever thought of goals and groaned. Check it out here: Artist Goal Wheel

I use it, myself, and thought you’d love it, too. And yes, I get a cut if you buy it – I’ve taken the time and energy to test and try it, and I absolutely do not recommend anything I haven’t tried and liked.

As a matter of fact, I invite you to listen in on my interview with Tara Reed, the artist (and licensing expert) who created the Goal Wheel here: http://idareyouradio.com

Now you know how I’m able to be so ultra productive – I’ve written over 60 books in the past 8 years. How many other people do you know who have? Plus audios, websites, coaching, speaking…do you think goals bother me anymore? Uh unh.

I don’t JUST think of my goals anymore. I hold them clearly in my mind, and then every day I ask myself, “what’s the next step I need to take to get where I’m going?” I guarantee you that using that one question (and Tara’s Goal Wheel!) will get you out of the boghole of confusion and worry faster than any other you can ask.

Don’t ask why, ask what. Asking why only gets you more questions. Asking what: what steps can I take right now, what connections can I make right now, etc., will get you moving towards results.

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