Blogging New to You? Here’s How

Want to make the leap to blogging … but don’t know where to start or what to do?

Here’s a good blogging guide that helps you discover:

1.  The 2-step process to choosing a proven money-making niche…get it wrong and you’ll never make any money

2.  The 3 golden rules of keyword analysis…goof up on one rule and ALL your future efforts are wasted.

3.  The exact step-by-step methods to find the best domain name for your blog …99% of bloggers miss this crucial “Search Engine Optimization” step

3.  How to install WordPress in under 1 minute (as long as you choose the right hosting company)

4.  Step-by-step guides and images of each ‘must-have’ plugin you must install on your blog (plus all the tweaks necessary)

5.  The 2 steps you need to take to get Google to index your blog…and don’t believe all the hype…they take no more than 10 minutes to complete

6.  How to follow these 6 tasks that keep 99% of hackers at bay

7.  How to add pages, posts and images the right way  to pick up Google “link-juice”

8.  Tthe optimum number of blog posts you should have

9.  How to write blogs posts so that your visitors think “I like this person, s/he knows what s/he’s talking about. I wonder what else s/he has to say…” And return time and time again

10.  How to write a good title for a blog post

11.  The 5 quickest and easiest ways to start making a blog income

12. How to implement the 3 crucial elements of making money with your  blogging

13. The 3 traits of a successful blogger…do you have them?

I invite you to grab the free blogging guide by clicking here:
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