Blackout A Gift?

Ever get a message from the universe that is so clear you just have to laugh?

Yesterday afternoon, as I was beginning to write an email to my readers, I had already had a really full, really productive day.

I thought, I’ll make a draft, go have a bite to eat, then come back and finish.

And then the power went out.

For 7 hours!

Well! OK, then! Guess the message was to take a break and rest a bit!

So, since it was impossible to do anything more online or on my computer, I thought, this must be a gift! What else can I do now that would help my business, be fun, and make me feel great?

So I decided to draft out on paper what I wanted to say in the email I had been about to write. I had a bite to eat…and since it was still daylight, I sat in the shade and read for an hour or so until it got dark. Since when did I allow myself the pleasure of reading in the afternoon? It was so nice!

And since I didn’t have enough candles to make reading an option in the darkness, I went to bed. Before midnight?!? Yikes! Yup – and it felt great –

I could have bitched and moaned about the work I wasn’t getting done, but I decided to see it as a gift. So, thank you, Universe, for giving me more pleasure!

What opportunities for taking things you’d normally think of as crummy and turning them into gifts have you had (and taken!) lately? Please comment below!

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