I’ve Been Tapping – Why Do I Feel Crummy Again? I Thought I’d Gotten All Clear!

How many times have I heard the following? Hundreds of times – maybe even a thousand or more.

Let’s get this straightened out right now, since I get notes about this from newbies to EFT all the time, and it would make it easier on everyone if they understood the dynamics of energy tapping.

“When I first found you/your site and the book on tapping, I read it and started tapping. Intuitively I knew EFT was the right thing. Then I went into a hole.

“I am a pretty smart, positive person… but I could not get up in the morning, felt down – I had no idea what was going on.”

Somehow we have this idea that once we start to tap, everything will get all better and there won’t be any more pain. No more fear, anger, sadness, depression, grief…you name it.

Doesn’t work that way!

Imagine an old house whose walls have had uncountable coats of paint.

If you slosh the paint-remover on in one coat, will it take all those old coats off? No! You have to keep reapplying it until you get down to the base coat, and finally, the bare wood.

Your old layers of emotional pain need to be worked through one by one in the same way!

And not necessarily in any order, either!

It’s common experience to find that when you’ve tapped yourself out of one pain, you will probably, within a short span of time, find yourself in another.

So right now, make a new pact with yourself. When the new pain comes up, say this to yourself:

“Self, you are awesome! You removed one layer of pain, now you get to do it to the next! Let’s see what you’ll discover about yourself this time!”

And then say, “Body, thank you so much for holding this pain for me for so long. It’s been buried inside of your cells, and you’ve kept me safe and sound from the negative thoughts within it.

“Now that it’s up, though, let’s tap it into clear, upwards thoughts, feelings and activities.

“Thanks so much, body, and I’m sorry you had to feel such pain. I’m now asking and allowing you to release the pain, so we both can feel great – like we should!”

Tap on each layer as it comes up. They may come fast and furious, they may sneak in so all of a sudden you realize you feel rotten and don’t really know why, or they can come slow and easy.

In any case, just tap!

Tap and say it like it is for you – including saying the truth about how you feel about how you feel – because that’s the real key to getting fast results.

For example: you could be feeling sad. Remember to tap not only on the sadness, but not liking feeling sad! Like, “I hate feeling sad! I wish I felt better!, but I’m not sure I can!” Like that.

Then always end up with a new choice –

“I choose to let go of sadness, because I choose to have more fun in my life.”

I hope this helps you.


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