Do You Know How to Do the Behind-the-Scenes Setup of Your Teleclasses Quickly and Efficiently?

This is for people who either don’t know how to set up a teleclass or who are looking for a more efficient, time-saving way to do the set-ups.

Big, Simple, No-Frills SALE: one more item:

A few of you have written to ask if there is a special on my How to Do Teleclasses course.

Well, there wasn’t…but now that you’ve asked…. (It’s usually 99, but you can get it now at 79.97)

If you’re new to giving teleclasses or still feel nervous about giving them, or if each time you do one it seems to take forever to set it up, you’ll love this course.

I created it because when I first started delivering teleclasses 10 years ago, no one taught how to do the behind-the-scenes set-up of teleclasses.

Sure, I could find courses on how to deliver teleclasses, how to develop your voice, how to market teleclasses…but no set-up instructions.

It all seemed so complex, and there were so many must-do things that had to be done all at once! How was I supposed to know what to do or the order in which to do it?

So I just sat down and scratched out an outline, and refined it and refined it – and once I had the system, the time I spent putting together my teleclasses went from a solid three days to a mere 3 hours – if that. You can do that, too, once you have the system down.

Here’s what you get (that, still, no one else teaches):

1. You get the most important steps, strategies, tactics & tips:

•   How to create your own fast, efficient teleclass-creating-and-delivering system
•   How to write sales, website or ebook copy so you’re not pushy and obnoxious
•   Where to market; how; and why so you can connect with and magnetize Your People
•   And – something you never get with any other teleclass course – 4 separate audios where I guide you through eliminating fear and resistance so you can blast off right from the start!
•   Another way to talk about your work to new people so you can capture their interest so well that they ask you if they can sign up with you! No more client-chasing.

2. You get 4 extra audios (plus extra BONUS!):

•   Eliminate Procrastination
•   Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking
•   Create and Maintain Your Prosperity Mindset
•   Keep On Track No Matter What
•   PLUS… Eliminate Money Fears

3. My Million-Dollar Resources!

•   All the venues and services you’ll need to create great systems, set ups and teleclasses

4. Action Charts & Tips:

•   The 90-Day Client-Attracting Action Plan & Check List (this is worth the entire tuition alone!)
•   21 powerful List Building Tips
•   18 Dynamic Ways to Use Your Teleclasses
•   The Plan, Create, Maximize & Monetize Your Teleclass Chart

5. Stick-to-it-ivity

I give you the one simple but volcanically powerful question to ask your teleclass participants (and coaching clients) that will make your information and work sink in and stick with them.


If you haven’t given any teleclasses yet, you’re leaving a heck of a lot of money behind. You’ll see why when you see the 18 other things you can do with your teleclasses!

•   have more credibility
•   do more for more people in less time
•   put more money in the bank
•   feel fantastic about your contribution…

Thanks everyone, for asking for this –


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