I Love Low-Key Marketing!

sage magazine 2-pg spread-700

I’m not a hypester or brash self-promo kind of person, so pushing my work has always been hard for me. I mention my latest article HERE because, yes, of course I want you to go see my artwork and read the article…. AND, because it’s a great example of very low-key marketing.

Thai Nguyen, one of Sage Magazine’s writers, emailed me, and asked if he could interview me. I didn’t hardly have to lift a finger!

Since the article came out, through my posts on my Facebook profile and Art pages about the article, I have gotten almost 1000 likes and many wonderful comments and shares, as well as on twitter and my website. Great exposure, soft selling to the max!

How do you do it, too?

Find magazines that are in your niche. Start following them on twitter and Facebook, and make comments on their posts.

Write the editors and ask them what topics they need articles written on for future publications. Build a relationship with them that they will win from as well as you.

Not too long ago, Sage Magazine asked me if they could use one of my paintings (shown above) on an article they had been searching for an appropriate one for, but hadn’t found a suitable one yet.

It was about 6 months from the time I contacted Sage to be interviewed for the new article. Things move fast in the digital world – prepare to be surprised!


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