Should Artists Have Just A Website, or Just a Facebook Page?

computer-joySomeone asked on FB if she should have a website or a FB biz page for her art. Someone said to set up a print site as well (FAA) as her site or FB.

This is what I answered:

I sell pretty steadily from (FAA). But really, you asked about whether to have a website, or to use FB instead.

From experience, I say do both. And actually, do all three!

1. Have a solid portfolio site you can send people to to see the best examples of your work (and sell originals).
2. Have your FAA site to sell prints of your best work, so you can leverage your originals (get your own FAA account here).
3. Have FB and build your ‘fan’ base so you can send them to yr site and FAA.

FB is eternally screwing with code and deleting stuff – if you depend on them to maintain your business connection, you’re just asking for trouble, because your FB pages are NOT yours – they are FB’s. And as such, if they decide to shut you down, or if they change algorithms or anything else, you can’t do a damn thing about it.

So create YOUR own solid foundation with an attractive portfolio site – with purchase functions if you can sell your work online – and use FB to connect with ppl.


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