How to Increase Your Confidence

InspirationIf you think you have too little money and too much overwhelm, you’ll probably want to read this!! (If you don’t experience that, maybe someone you know might, and this could help them!)

Lately, I’ve been meditating. A LOT.

Because I find that, when I connect, I see beauty, kindness, generosity and so much love my heart almost feels like it will burst sometimes.

When I connect, and suddenly each thing I used to see as ‘wrong with the world’ becomes another opportunity for me to say, “hey! We need to speak up and see that that changes!” and make some little post on FB or twitter. That, I have enough energy to accomplish.

I connect, and see that every last instant in my life is an opportunity for me to feel, radiate and shed love on myself, someone else, some thing or some place.

I’ve noticed many people saying, “I don’t have confidence in myself” or “I need more money,” and “I feel so overwhelmed!”

Thoughts create reality.

Q: If your thoughts really do create what you experience, and you think don’t have enough money … what thoughts could you start thinking that would create more money in your life?

A: Ditch the thoughts you’re so used to having run through your head, and create new ones. And think them. A Lot. Especially if and when the old crappy ones try to come back!

Q: If your thoughts create overwhelm, what thoughts could you start thinking that would relieve that overwhelm?

A. Replace the old ones and start rethinking your life into the way you want it to be. That’s called being a creator! You, the Artist of your life!


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