SHYLEE: Searching

I was 13 years old the first time I was raped. Not to worry, this will not be a rant or a self-pity party. Just a story about overcoming evil who took the form of a ‘nice’ man everyone liked and respected.

The summer before my sophomore year, my mother thought it would be a good thing to get my teeth taken care of before I was sent away to school in the fall. Well-thought-of in the community, not overly expensive, doing good work, Dr. Rosen (close, but not his real name) was her choice.

Week One was all about x-rays and all that.

Week Two was “Nurse, would you please go get (some medical supply) for me?” as he then cheerfully placed his hand on my thigh, reassuring me that this was going to be a safe and easy procedure. Surely, with how gentle he was, he meant well. Right?

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Some days I feel just like this. Like there’s not a single thing I can get right, and if I do do something right, it isn’t enough, or good enough.

Who the hell sets up those rules??? We are so conditioned! So programmed to think we are less-than, not good enough, not productive enough, not doing enough, not worthy of praise, mock-able, shameful, undesirable…

Well. I reject all of those assumptions. I lived my life ruled by them for way too many years, and suffered too many years of deepest depression, before I finally broke free. (How? Using EFT-tapping and concrete determination.)

Poor Gus looks exactly how I felt on the inside, every day, day after day.

Now? Now I choose what to do, how to do it, to whom to show it – or not – and whether or not it’s good, bad, or just meh.

Be free. Get out of the I’m-not-good-enough BS. Do whatever it takes.

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© Angela Treat Lyon 2021


I have a friend who, no matter what befalls her, is always happy. For a long time, it would piss me off that she never lost her equilibrium. I think I was jealous that I didn’t know how to do that, too. But then she told me why.

She grew up in horrifying circumstances. Imagine the very worst. At 17, after just too much to take, she contemplated finally ending it all.

As she prepared to do the thing, she was suddenly struck by the idea that she could take all of her anguish, despair and angst and use it productively.

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Have you ever watched as birdies peck at seeds on the ground? It doesn’t look like they pick and choose at all – more like they do a general all-over snatch and grab, no matter what it is.

But they actually have sharply discerning senses that allow them to choose ‘seed’ rather than ‘something awful,’ saving them from glomping down tons of stuff that isn’t food.

Petey is smart that way. He likes his seeds Just the Right Size – the small ones aren’t ripe enough, and squooshy ones are too ripe, and the greenish ones? Perf.

They do eat sharp pebbles, which stay in their throats, because they don’t have teeth. How weird is that?!?

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© Angela Treat Lyon 2021


Did you know that a group, or gathering, of ravens is called an ‘Unkindness’? It’s odd to me that that’s so – I’ve never thought of them as unkind.

My dog and I used to walk the arroyos outside of Tesuque, New Mexico. Always there would be groups of huge ravens in the trees above us.

They’d wait until we got right under them and then they’d sound off, all at once – LOUD! – like they were all saying, “Hi! Where ya been? What took you so long?”

We’d always bring kibble and yarn and weird things we’d find in the sandy gullies. I think they liked us.

These drawings are so much fun. They push me in directions I never thought I’d go.

I like seeing the way the colors and shapes interact.

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© Angela Treat Lyon 2021


I didn’t realize, as I was drawing this, that I had drawn 3 horses. See what I mean?

Each of these 3-color images has so far ended up being mysteriously more than what I had thought I’d created! I love that!

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© Angela Treat Lyon 2021


I love Fido. He is faithful, calm, loyal and very wise. He knows just when I’m hurting inside because he comes up to my side and rests his head on my lap, and looks up at me with those big brown eyes that say, “No worries, My-Human, I’ve got this! You just go relax!”

Too bad he isn’t on this physical plane of being! I miss being the human for my other dog who lived with me for ten blessed years in the 90s.

Who are you human for?

Who is your dog or cat or other critter friend?

Do you suppose you and your critter would like a ride on my Moon Broom?

What will you do once you get to the Moon with us?

What adventure would you like to have?

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© Angela Treat Lyon 2021


Well, so I started a new series. This is the Odd Critters Series. Although it will probably include humans, too.

I can’t help it. I just keep seeing all these new beings, and have to draw them.

The underdrawing is all in blue against the black.

Then I go over it with white, and include areas to radiate the light, and leave out the dark shadows. To make, erm, the shadows.

I like how the blue looks against the black, and the white overall.
And how silly she is.

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© Angela Treat Lyon 2021


Have you ever felt like there was a mean mad genie inside your computer who just does not want you to get a single thing to work?

I swear, there are days it would be better to go back to sleep! It really isn’t the computer – it’s an app that doesn’t work the way you’d like (ie., why the hell can’t I use my computer to post on instagram, FFS?) or it’s a stupid website that’s down – gagh!

So here’s poor Feckless Fred, struggling with his electronics, and poor Fido who has to see the horrors of the struggle…

Available in prints, tiles, etc. PM me.

text & image © Angela Treat Lyon 2021


I have a friend who is more prolific than I am! Can you believe it? He paints so much I think he has paint for blood!

So of course I hadda paint him, right? He’s splashing and painting away, and there is his doggie, howling to go for a walk…

Can you see the pens and brushes in the middle of the picture? Spattering ink and paint all over the place?

And the spilled cans of paint under Fido, and the half-full ones under his feet – watch out! Don’t step on them!

Available on all kinds of surfaces – tiles, prints, fabric, wrapping paper…

text & image © Angela Treat Lyon 2021


In January, I enrolled in a course to learn how to create sellable surface pattern designs. I’m intending to find out how to create designs I can sell and license to individuals and companies for reproduction on fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, and you name it, all kinds of products.

I started out trying floral designs, but very quickly felt completely out of synch – and then, the instructor said: “Stories! Tell stories!” And my juices started running!

So I started creating tile designs that are repeats within the tile, rather than repeat tiles put together. The more of these tile images I make the more fun I have!

Tonight I made this one, and had to close my windows I was laughing so loud – can you what he’s doing?

I just laughed and laughed – I mean, really – art is soooo serioussss all the time – let’s have a little fun with it – riiight???

Can you guess what the bottles and jars are? What did he put on his hot dog? And poor Fido – will he only get some crumbs, or will he get a real bite?


When I was a kid, I spent my summers sailing and swimming. On weekends, we’d race our boats in little weekend regattas. Either I’d crew for one of my family, or one of them would crew for me.

One weekend when I was 13, my older brother Tom was supposed to crew for me. We got the boat ready, stashed our stuff under the deck, and made sure all the lines were free of tangles.

Tom stepped out of the boat onto the pier, and pushed the boat to the end of the slip – and let go! And stood there waving and smiling … as I nearly had a heart attack, thinking OMG what’s he doing? He yells at me that it’s time for me to solo, get going!

I’m freaking – I’m going all alone? He wants me to solo? I’m only 13! I can’t do this!
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Exactly 20 years ago today (April 1, 2021), I returned to the US from my year and a half stint as the first Artist-in-Residence for Gore, New Zealand. I left NZ at 7 am on April 1st, and after a 9 hour flight, arrived in Honolulu at 8 am on … April 1st!

I was so happy to be out of the cold, cutting winds and chilly air, back in my love-home of Hawaii! Gore is about 3000 miles away from the South Pole – with nothing but vast ocean between. The winds would come thrashing through town and it would be all I could do to even get up in the morning – I hate being cold!

I decided I’d paint how I felt about being cold – so here I am, all snuggled up under one of the World Trees, all warm and cozy, dreaming of Hawaii.

While I was in Gore, I was given the use of a couple of side rooms in an old church the local art council had saved from being torn down, and which they were going to turn into an art center. It was the perfect place to hold painting classes, which I did twice a week for several months. That was where I painted this.

oils on canvas, 36″ x 36″
Prints available


Sometimes, before the sun is up all the way, the wind skittles across the glassy-smooth surface of the ocean, and it looks like a pinky-blue streaked mirror.

The swells come rolling in, incessant, constant, hypnotic. Every so often, the current and the swells clash just right, and a surprised wave pops its head up to catch the rising light before crashing in on itself.

It falls in, and the constant rolling continues, never ceasing. Too cold to go dive in, I stand shoulders hunched slightly with the chill, my hands buried in my wooly jacket, never tired of the eternal rhythm and play.

This painting was done after the last class in the Painting Waves course I just took – can you tell I miss the beach?

Original pastels on heavy paper
9″ x 12″
Original and prints available
Contact me if you’d like one or the other!


I grew up on a small harbor right off Long Island Sound.

We used to go down to the little beach near our house and watch the 12-meter racing boats cruise into the harbor on their practice days.

So exciting – they were so huge! One of them could have eaten my tiny 13′ boat for a snack!

Nowadays they have these fancy-ass catamaran things that get going fast enough to fly out of the water on these long foils that look like sticks – so weird.

I don’t think they even look like boats anymore.

I miss the grace and sleek beauty of the older boats like this one.

I called this Wing and Wing because she’s sailing downwind with both her main and jib flying free on either side of the boat, picking up as much wind as she can, since it’s almost a flat day – it’s so thrilling to be on a boat that size, doing that –

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