Break the Moldy Old Mold with Me!

Rosey LipsAs I told you last week, I’ve been painting up a storm for my Plastic Drinking Water Boottle Cleanup project.

When I first started it up, I promised myself I’d paint a painting every day (M-F!) for 100 days.

Well, I broke my mold! (You can see the painting that did it above.) I took TWO days to do one painting! So, no Monday painting, and today’s painting is $200, not just 100.

I got a note asking me why the paintings are so cheap, because normally they’d be going for 900 and up for the size they are (9″ x 12″). Today’s break-the-mold painting is Rosey Lips, here:

Easy – I want them to

fly out the door. Sure I want to sell the paintings, but it’s also about making it easy for people to gain awareness and understanding that there is something going on in the world that is really, really out of balance.

When they get a painting, they 1. get the information they need in order to shift a major element of their lives around (stop buying bottled water!), 2. get the pleasure of knowing they’re supporting the adjustment of that balance, AND 3. they get rewarded with a beaituful painting for being a Good Guy.

I like breaking the mold. The mold is just that – moldy. Want to be part of the do-things-different journey? I invite you to visit and see which ones you like. I value your comments!

Today’s break-the-mold painting is Rosey Lips, here:

OH YES…. people have been writing and saying how much they like the idea (thank you!), and wondering how they, too, can do something they love to do to support a cause near and dear to their hearts.

There are a LOT of ways to break the mold and help the world, some of which we don’t think about because we’re so regimented from birth into thinking 9-5, JOB, etc.

Break the mold with me! If you’d like a freebie shorty brainstorming session with me where we look through what you can do to make an exciting adventure for yourself as you help others, too, let me know ASAP.

The first ten people who email me at Lyon (at) with “Brainstrom” in the subject line will get to work with me on this. I look forward to being with you!

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