Say NO to ‘too busy’

Have you ever wanted to write someone, but it just wasn’t Time yet?

That’s what this entire last month since I wrote my last newsletter has been like for me. I’ve wanted to write, but each time I sat down and started, nothing would come. Nothing!

I’ve been writing long enough to know what that’s the signal for ‘not yet,’ and if I ignore it, I invariably get into hot water somehow. So – I haven’t written until today, when I was swamped with the feeling of “NOW! Now it’s time to write!” So….

Six weeks ago, I had a major energy setback: I awoke one morning with not one ounce of juice.

I was so exhausted I really didn’t know if I was on my way out of this lifetime – and frankly, didn’t have the energy to care much.

Silly me, I assumed I just needed a rest, so I gave myself a week to just relax and chill.

One week went by…still no energy. Then two…and I started to get really, really bored. I don’t like being bored. At all. But I still had no juice. I didn’t even have the energy to read. This felt scary…when would this feeling zilched-out, having to rest stuff ever END? I started to wonder if this was what the rest of my life was gong to be like.


As I lay there, I thought, OK, I’m exhausted because I’m doing too much. What would happen if I got rid of every last thing that was really, truthfully unessential to my inner and outer well-being, and kept only what mattered to me at the very deepest core level? What would that look like?

So I made a list of all the things I liked to do. Like, business and marketing coaching, radio shows, carving, painting, writing books, communicating with people – both personal and business…. And it was really plain that it was too much – even with the extra help I get from assistants and supporters.

Then, I asked, what was really, really important to me? Which turned out to be was family, friends, and my work as an artist. Period. So then I started mentally eliminating everything else, just to see how that felt internally.


It was hard to do. I’ve put so much into my radio shows, practicing and promoting energy work, marketing, business stuff, writing books, publishing, coaching… to think about giving any of it up really hurt.

But I Knew I had to do it. Because I had worked and worked and worked, and still felt haunted by ‘something missing.’ Something had to shift. I had to make a clear choice.

I have to do what was right for me, so I can live in the free, inspired way I wanted, instead of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and like it was never enough.

It was about that time that a woman who had been a client for a long time reminded me about Margaret Lynch’s 7 Levels of Wealth chakra-tapping Program, so I watched – and tapped with – her intro videos. I had some pretty major ahas, and some amazing things occurred right away that completely changed the entire picture for me.

I’ll let you in on a bit more about that in a second (see below), but first, if you’ve been feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with no hope in sight, you might want to know what I did and apply it to your own life.


  1.  Make a list of everything you do that you consider important. Both personal and business.
  2.  Now ask yourself, if a wild hurricane struck right this second, what would matter so much to you that you would risk taking the time to save it from being destroyed by the storm?
  3.  Now ask yourself, if you died in the next 30 seconds, what would you really honestly regret not having said, done, felt or experienced?
  4.  Now ask yourself, if someone asked you what you were most happy with in your life – whether it’s something you did or became – what would it be?
  5.  Now ask yourself, if that same someone asked you what were you most proud of, what would it be?
In each case, my answer was first and foremost my work as an artist. (If my immediate family lived with me, of course they would be first, too.)

Yes, indeed, I am very happy with and very proud of what I have done with my books, energy work, coaching and radio shows. But my work as an artist far supercedes anything else I’ve ever done.

The funny thing is that, now that I’m a bit older and more mature, I can see that, as good as I have gotten at anything, I’m still ‘young’ at artistic expression, and have SO much more to say and express!

But I don’t want to do everything I had been doing anymore, because trying to do so was sapping my life energy right out of me.

That doesn’t serve anyone! Part of my role as an artist is being a way-bringer – so if I keep walking the path of exhaustion, what does that say to the people who respect me? That it’s OK to sap your strength and die exhausted without completing your life-play? Yugh!

I bought Margaret’s program and tapped along with the videos and made some huge internal shifts.


And I decided that, no matter what, I would cut my coaching back to a drastic minimum (if you want coaching, email me – I have made a little room for a few people each week, and I may be able to squeeze you in); that I would stop doing radio shows; and only write/create books when Spirit moved me. And get totally back into my work as a professional artist once again.

Once I made that decision, the universe plopped support in my lap so fast it was breath-taking.

  1.  I was called out of the blue and interviewed for and asked to submit images to a prestigious sculpture magazine
  2.  I was called out of the blue and asked to submit some of my paintings for a permanent exhibit at a very big local hospital
  3.  I made some critical decisions so that my health could make a U-turn for more strength and stamina
  4.  through a program a friend turned me onto where you’re shown how to eat MORE to get healthy and lose weight, I’ve even dropped 6 pounds….

And best of all, I am experiencing an internal solidity I’ve virtually never felt before in my life – I feel energized, excited and strong.

All because I was willing to say ‘NO’ to too much.

Are you willing to do that, too? I can’t even begin to tell you how much more free I feel.

If you want to feel that way, too, I invite you to use my powerful questions above, and allow yourself the time and space to answer them truthfully, and make some new, life-changing, courageous decisions for yourself.

I really mean it – you’ll save your own life!

Remember I love you!!!

aloha –


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Want to know about Margaret Lynch’s awesome program? Click here: 7 Levels of Intentional Wealth Program?

By tapping on the secrets you’ve retained as a child or from past lifetimes that are embedded within your chakra system, you can rejuvenate your life energy, remove the pain and fear around proceeding forward with whatever success you want, and begin to feel more freedom, more energetic and vitally alive.

Don’t be fooled by that internal voice that says, “oh, chakras, I know about them already! What can she teach me?”

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p.p.p.s. And a huge thanks…

…to you sweet people who supported me over the past few weeks with your love and time – you know who you are – I love you!!!


QUOTE of the DAY:

“Your adventure has to be coming out of your own interior. If you are ready for it, then doors will open where there were no doors before, and where there would not be doors for anyone else.

And you must have courage. It’s the call to adventure, which means there is no security, no rules.”

– Joseph Campbell


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