The Wave™ 2012 is Happening – Woohoo! Right NOW!

We’ve all heard tons and tons of talk about about how 2012 is supposedly a defining year for consciousness.

I have to admit that, at first, when I heard all the talk and the big hooha about 12/21/12, I was a bit cynical about it.

It was, “OK, so it’s a big date…” and there are jokes about it, and Mayan calendars…but it didn’t hit Home with me, really.

I just figured consciousness doesn’t stop for one date in one year on an arbitrary human map of time!

But after I questioned the part of me that was so critical and doubtful, it became clear to me that it was my Little Self talking, not my Pure Light part. Know what I mean?

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was having a particularly difficult time, and I asked Spirit to help me and give me something to do that was big, outrageous, different and fun.

And I was instantly blown out of the water. I very clearly saw what my part in this year’s festivities, intentions, actions and outcomes could be. (Notice that? COULD be, not should be! – it was up to me to choose to go with it or not!)

I saw a wave. No, I saw A Wave. It was just a little flutter on the surface of our group consciousness, no more than a dream of a dream. It was so big it shined and rippled over and encompassed the entire Universe.

And I saw it grow and grow and grow, to finally crest – CREST! – kaBLOOIE! – in December.

And the energy soaks the earth, it vibrates it, it fills and radiates out from our planet. And it vibrates all of us. Not one being, not one thing left untouched.

I can’t even begin to tell you the passion, the joy, the energy I felt as I saw all this – I’m no poet – on paper it looks so puny to me, compared!

And as I asked to see how I fit into all this magnificent thing – feeling pretty small withint he scope of it, really – I saw a calendar, with each month witnessing the swelling of the wave, the momentum, the power, the surge…and each month had people swimming in it.

People I could feature on Daring Dreamers Radio to help them spread the word about the Yes-World we are intending and creating right now with our Dreams and wishes and actions.

The Sweet Home we all yearn for is emerging, NOW.

I saw not a one-week, but a 6-month summit…without the pressure of listening to 2 or 3 experts a day for a week, but onece a week, with possible weekend classes….

I’m still developing what I saw, and I’m sure it will evolve, so have patience ….

The first person to inaugurate The Wave 2012™ is my guest, Gary Null – such a powerful man! So exciting to be with and listen to! And how appropriate, with his energy, passion and commitment, that he’s the first!

I interviewed him before I saw The Wave, so I didn’t mention it on that show, but in subsequent ones – here we go! Can you feel it?

I’ve said this for months, and the Energy is increasing – it’s HAPPENING NOW! So stick with me, and we’ll surf this wave to the Yes-World, our Sweet Home, and we’ll continue into 2013 cheering and yahooing and woohooing and having a blast!

So please join me and my featured guest, GARY NULL at Daring Dreamers Radio here:


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