A Brandy-Spandy New Life

All my life, I’ve just had this natural Thing, this urge, this compulsion towards anything to do with art – appreciating it, making it, talking about it, eating-sleeping-breathing it. Thing is, even though my fellow teen class mates were buying … Continue reading

Do You Allow Your Inner Guidance?

Angela, what happened to you? It’s been a long time since I last wrote! And I have really missed writing you. I think of you all the time – I send mental emails saying what’s up and what’s cool to … Continue reading

Published: The Land of Ammaze Books!

I’m very stoked to announce that the books with my well-loved drawings from the Land of Ammaze are finally published! I’ve been wanting to make the Land of Ammaze series of images into a book for 15 years, and finally, … Continue reading

Two New “Carving My Life” Books!

I’m very stoked to announce that the first two books in my Carving My Life series are published! They are available both in print and as eBooks. I’m so pleased with them – they’re beautiful! You can read about and … Continue reading

3 Invitations! I invite you to choose 1, 2 or even all 3 options below. When you click on the links, you’ll be taken to the signup forms. Please enter your name and email address, so you can receive my … Continue reading

Now You Can Get Fantastic Prints of My Paintings, Pastels & Drawings!

A big part of my expanding my Dream of doing more art is finally being able to make prints available of my work. And it’s happening! Now people can get really nice prints of my work on paper, framed or … Continue reading