Ahhh, yes! A bunch of innocent delightful critters playing in a lovely world where things are the way they’re supposed to be: open, loving, caring, fun, creative and compassionate….

Patty Cake, our fun innocent game…


Run away! Run Away! Fast as you can!

How I wish I could. With the BS happening now across the world, I truly do wish there was a safe haven to run to.

But guess what? There ain’t one. There ain’t a second planet. There ain’t a Star Gate (that I know of) we can use to escape.

So waddyagonnado? Ya does yer best with what ya got.

So, I’ve been stocking up on food and water. If there are fires, you know darn well the water will be restricted again, and travel will be cut down.

It’s pretty obvious, the signs are all there – an oncoming central world banking system (if we allow it) that will make privacy and personal sovereignty into a myth of the past; the train wrecks, chemical spills, mysterious fires, egg farms being torched, organic farms shut down, supply chains – well, I could go on.

But I’m tellin ya now – be prepared, folks. Be prepared.

Because in a few years, unless something happens to get people to get riled enough they choose to rise up against the forces that are closing in on us, we’re going to be so restricted that we will look back and call the times up until now a golden era of freedom, creativity, innovation, and communication. Guarans-ball-barrens, as we say in Hawaii.

You can call me an alarmist, a consp. theorist, whatever you like. But guess who had water during the last water restriction? Right.

It’s easy to see what’s going on if you open your eyes.

So I just keep on keeping on, being me, being called silly, stupid, alarmist, radical, and all the rest. Ask me if I give one hoot. You know the answer. Take heed.


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