A friend tells me life equals pain. I say life equals love. It’s all in the focus of attention.


I got a call from an artist friend, all upset and depressed and crying because of recent world events.

She said, “When I look at how the world has gotten, I think why bother with making art anymore? What’s the use? I feel like giving up. What the heck good does it do? I’m just throwing paint on canvas and who cares, even?”

Then, she said she had visited my facebook art group page, and my bear-holding-farting-baby-skunk pastel painting, ‘Uh-Oh,’ made her laugh, and made her feel better.

I replied to her, “That’s why you have to keep making art.”

Am I making sense here? Can you see what I’m saying?

Imagine if artists didn’t artify!

How terrible the world would be! Without visual beauty, music, dance, theatre, design, architecture — barbarians we’d be, running around crazier than anything happening now.

It’s really very simple. No matter what, we have to keep on keeping on making art. No matter how we feel. Because of how we feel.



Thanks for reading my story — I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope that you maybe got goosed a wee bit to taking action on those dreams of yours!

Image: Uh-Oh! Original pastel painting, 19″x16″
© Angela Treat Lyon

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