Recently when I was speaking with my advisor about a business and marketing plan we were creating for my coaching, I started to get really sleepy.

Say yes to your Dreams!

I felt like if I didn’t lie down right now I would simply collapse on the floor in a big ole slippery puddle.

I had been blazing wide awake the moment before, and now I felt as if I was going to flat pass out on the spot.

Did I really need a nap?

No. I needed to take time out to see what deep-seated emotional issue was up that I needed to clear up, so I could pay attention to, and really hear, what my advisor was saying to me.

I excused myself and took a few moments in the bathroom to just sit and get quiet.

After closing my eyes and asking myself what was really going on, I discovered a deep layer of the fear, “What if people think I’m stupid?”

And more — “It’s so hard to make this plan! I feel so confused, my mind feels like wet soggy spaghetti slithering around in a wild tropical jungle!”

Outdated beliefs

After I did a little EFT/tapping*, it was clear that believing that people would think I was stupid was an old, outdated belief. It had been trying to keep me safe, discouraging me away from scary situations.

I thanked it for trying to help. Many times tappers try to get rid of the energy of the old belief or thoughts. I think that’s a mistake — those are thoughts and beliefs and habits you can transform, and then turn the harvested energy from them towards creativity. And yes, most times, they really are trying to keep you safe.

Give them a new job

So I thank them, and then ask them if they’d like to join me with an updated agenda, a new set of Knowings, rather than destructive beliefs like “I‘m afraid people will think I’m stupid, or I’m afraid I really am stupid, and what if people find out?”

You acknowledge the real truth now: “I’m intelligent, clever, and resourceful, and of course I can make this plan work!”

Most times the old belief/energy says yes, and you can add their energy to the Creative Energy Tank that floats above you, waiting for orders.

Sometimes, I like to give them a new job, like First Officer of Safety, where it is now their job to alert me to danger, NOT to take over and run me or my life. I am the captain now, not them.

(You can give them a new uniform, and they will strut around in it proudly, and sit on your shoulder to point out not just danger, but new and fun opportunities.)

More tapping

I also tapped until the confusion went away. I realized I was confused because I’d never been down the business plan route for this idea before, and simply didn’t know where to go yet.

After that, my mind relaxed. I was able to come back to the meeting even more alert and receptive than I had been before.

‘Bullying on’ doesn’t serve you

Over the years, I’ve seen that it’s a real mistake to make myself bully on when I actually do need to stop and rest— whether it’s a physical, mental or emotional rest.

When I recognize that I’m not fully ‘on,’ and allow myself to take a little nap, 5-minute rest, or pausing point, it can be an opportunity to regroup, tap, or let a new idea through.

It can have monumental consequences later on.

I take 30-minute naps in the afternoon, because just as I doze off, I get great ideas about things. I observe them, let them sink in, rest a bit more, and pop up at the end feeling way more energized than I had been before … with the new ideas in tow.

If I bully on, the new ideas I’d have had during that quick rest or tapping session escape, sometimes never coming back. And they always lose their subtlety even if they do come back.

Tapping helps me stay on track, and keep on keeping on.



Image: Stepping into my Dreams – © Angela Treat Lyon 2010
text: © Angela Treat Lyon 2002

*Want to know more about tapping? I wrote the book on it. The very first one, in fact, in 2002: Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics. (This post is an enhanced version of one of the stories in it.)

I invite you to check it out:

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