My friend Rachel had two grand-daughters, aged 2 and 4. The two-year-old, Tina, was prone to throwing some mean tantrums.

Rachel was concentrating on finishing up a 3-year back-to-college program, and found it difficult to deal with the kids’ high energy — especially the tantrums — when the girls came to visit her.

She was also going through a long, drawn-out, very challenging, extremely uncomfortable situation at her job. She adored the kids, but always felt ragged and worn out after their visits.

In my weekly Tapping sessions that I held at the local health store, Rachel learned how to use EFT/tapping, and began using it on herself at home. Little Tina watched, saying nothing.

One night, when Tina was working up to an I-don’t-want-to-go-to-bed tantrum, Rachel sat down with her and tapped on Tina’s little body, saying the phrases for her as Tina listened raptly.

(The tapping points:


Even though:
I’m mad I have to go to bed
and Gamma is going to leave me in here
and I have to go to sleep
and I don’t want to…
I’m a great kid


Even though:
I want my way and I can’t get it
and I have a hard time getting people to listen to me
and they don’t hear what I want…
I’m a great kid

Rachel went through a couple more rounds, and Tina calmed right down. Rachel easily concluded the nitey-nite rituals.

“Tap me, gamma!”

A few days later, Tina came up to her and put Rachel’s hand on her forehead, and said, “Tap me, Gamma, tap me!”

Since then, Tina frequently asks Rachel to “Tap me, Gamma!”

Rachel says tapping has brought Tina a level of calm she never had before. And, since she was now able to choose other, more satisfying ways to get her way, Tina hasn’t had so many tantrums.

Rachel was able to feel better, too. Interestingly, she found it easier to study, and completed her course sooner than she had anticipated. The issue at work vaporized all by itself.

Here’s an exercise for clearing feelings that my good friend and colleague, EFT Master Rue Hass, cooked up for one of the workshops we did together a few years ago.


1. Make a screen shot of the above image. Print out several copies of it.

2. Think of something you don’t like about your life — something that is maybe a 5 on a scale where ten is worst. Write the rating down on a sheet of paper like this: 5/10. You will be able to compare it to your rating when you’re done with the exercise.

3. Take one of the print-outs, and fill in the middle of the mountain with the main feelings you don’t like feeling at the moment.

4. Now tap on each feeling. Start at the top of your head, and move down your face with each new phrase. Tap on the points with the tips of your first two fingers ( and say your feelings out loud, like this: I feel scared, or mad, or sad. I hate this feeling. I don’t want to feel this way. I feel stuck. I’m scared. I’m (fill it in)…and so on.

Just do top-of-mind phrasing. If for some reason you cannot say the phrases out loud, you can repeat them in your head as you tap.

5. When you feel a shift (you might yawn, fart, stretch, feel lighter, get chills down your spine or leg), now ask yourself what the real truth about you is, and choose that.

6. Tap again, and say that truth: I’m actually smart, I love my life, I’m good at what I do, I love being around people… and so on. Use your own words, of course.

7. Now actively choose the Real Truth about you to be your new reality. See if you can end up feeling like the little inset drawing on the right!

8. Re-rate yourself. Did you get to 0/10, or 1/10? Write your rating down. If you got to 3/10, tap some more, until you feel ‘done’ — you’ll know!

Good job!

I invite you to use EFT/tapping every day, for both big and small issues — your life will never be the same again!

Tapping helps us stay on track, and keep on keeping on.



Image: EFT/Tapping Exercise © Angela Treat Lyon 2002
text: © Angela Treat Lyon 2002

*Want to know more about tapping? I wrote the book on it. The very first one, in fact, in 2002: Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics. (This post is an enhanced version of one of the stories in it.) I invite you to check it out:

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Thanks for reading my story — I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope that you maybe got goosed a wee bit to taking action on those dreams of yours!


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