Eliminate Your Sugar and Sweets Cravings – NOW!

Lately I’ve heard from a lot of people who are struggling with sugar. It’s a pretty insidious substance, able to dis-able you with just one grain.

(Ever tried testing the effects of sugar using muscle-testing? No? Get someone to muscle test you both with and without just one grain of sugar on your hand. Or even just think of sugar as you try it! You’ll be really shocked!)

And to make things even worse, high-fructose corn syrup – highly addictive – has entered the food scene. Sometimes I really wonder about the people who invent and put this kind of stuff on the market. (Don’t get me started….)

Since I can’t bear to see you, a beautiful, brilliant soul with so much to give and so much to offer, trapped by sugar and sweets cravings and addictions, I’ve created a full 90-minute tapping session for you so you can on eliminate your addiction to sugar and sweets.

Imagine taking all the money you spend on sweets, and all the time you spend wiped out in sugar crashes, and all the extra weight you’ve put on because of the candies and other sweets you’ve eaten, and simply not doing that anymore.

  • Start thinking about what else you could spend all that money on. Don’t think it’s all that much? Only one candy bar every day adds up – especially if you can’t stop with just one – and add chips, desserts, etc. to that one candy bar!
  • Start considering what you’d do with all that extra time instead of lying on the couch crashed. Only one hour a day – that’s 30 hours a month – that’s 2+ days’ worth of time a month you could use to get things done – and a whole lot easier, too, since your mind isn’t all sugar-crazed!
  • Start thinking how you’ll feel once your body gets back to how it should-oughta look and feel. Even a mere five pounds makes a difference in how you feel and how you feel about yourself.

I’ll help you remove whatever blocks you so you can remove the cravings and the extra weight on your body. And we’ll even have fun doing it!

Start considering that new story, because that’s what it will be like once you stop buying,eating and keeping that junk on your body.

I’ve made it easy on you – instead of having to sign up for all four 90-minute sessions of my Get It Off and Keep It Off Program (value $197), you can come to just the first one and relieve or completely eliminate your sugar and sweets hankering for just $59.99!

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I’m going to take you through several processes, one of which is similar to the powerful one I learned years ago from my buddy, Spiritual Channel Rebecca Marina (now Rebecca A Messenger), and that I have refined and modified since to cover more aspects and give it more lightning-quick, efficient power.

I’ve included really important information and tapping (lots of it!) on how critical elements like these can affect your body, your thinking and your habits:

  • time of day
  • where you are between projects (you’ll see!)
  • how to transform anger to creativity (and more)
  • your cells
  • your brain
  • your neurotransmitters
  • your chakras
  • your actual experience of habitual indulgence
  • using your Gentle Energy hands
  • receiving sweetness
  • what each extra pound on your body represents….

You’ll see how powerful all this tapping will be – in one 90-minute session, you really can eliminate at least one of your cravings – maybe more. Without you feeling deprived.

One person on the call told me that, after our tapping, the choclolate she used to crave looked like unappealing brown wax now!

Plan to walk away not wanting the sweets you feel trapped into craving right now!

I suggest that you prepare a list of the sweets you want to eliminate your cravings for so you can be ready to go right off the bat.

Because, we’re going to turn your sweets craving into a massive pile of creative energy you can use to play with any way you want!

I’m also going to show you a completely new way to look at any extra poundage you’re carrying around – and then we will start to shift those into creative juices, too!

CLICK HERE to get the 90-minute recorded Audio MP3 of Beautiful, Brilliant and Healthy Eliminate Sugar & Sweets Cravings Part I now for just $59.99!

Let’s get those sugar cravings under control so you can quit spending money on stuff that is essentially…

  • killing you and
  • rotting your teeth and internal organs
  • spiking your insulin levels
  • zapping your energy,
  • taking you through crazy emotional ups and downs,
  • and making you feel ugly and unself-confident
  • with hips like a hippo!

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Beautiful, Brilliant and Healthy Eliminate Sugar & Sweets Cravings Part I now for just $59.99!


I want the very best for you – NOW – Get yourself free!

Remember I love you –
aloha –

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