Published! YES: How to Get What You Want!

YES-BKI’m very stoked to announce that my new book, YES: How to Get What You Want! is published both in print and as eBooks!

This is one of the funnest books I’ve ever written – full of reminders of how to stay centered and present, and the formula with the simple steps you can take any time to get what you want. Really!

Get them here:


Published: The Land of Ammaze Books!

LOA-bookI’m very stoked to announce that the books with my well-loved drawings from the Land of Ammaze are finally published!

I’ve been wanting to make the Land of Ammaze series of images into a book for 15 years, and finally, it’s done!

They are available both in print and as eBooks. I’m so pleased with them – they’re beautiful! You can read about and get them here:


Two New “Carving My Life” Books!

I’m very stoked to announce that the first two books in my Carving My Life series are published! They are available both in print and as eBooks. I’m so pleased with them – they’re beautiful! You can read about and get them here:


Are You Exhausted, Brain-Fogged, Procrastinating? Here’s what to DO!

During the weeks I was flat with pneumonia recently, I had a hard time putting one thought after the next. I didn’t even feel like reading. Now that’s not me at all – you KNOW how much I love to read!

Rebecca Marina MessengerI’m used to having a razor-sharp mind, and I hated feeling so muzzy and non-functional.

Tapping helped, but didn’t quite get at the core of what was going on, and remained frustratingly foggy.

My good friend Rebecca Marina Messenger told me about her teleclass in which I could clear up my head.

She maintained that if your hypothalamus was ‘shrouded’ by any one or all of 3 triggers, you just couldn’t think straight or have the energy you need to get through each day.

She said that by clearing your “Shrouded Hypothalamus,” you could “fix your metabolism, get charged pp, and have brilliant ideas, feel wonderful…”


I was excited – and frankly, a smidge skeptical.

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3 Invitations!

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Emotional Freedom

This is for you if: You want to easily transform the limiting thoughts, beliefs and habits that get in the way of your life, health, wealth and happiness. You want to know more about and do more EFT/tapping and TBT, Trauma Busting. I’ll be letting you know of my upcoming teleclasses and trainings that help you do that. Yes?

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As a thank-you treat, you not only get my FREEbie fun ebook, Bloom not Gloom! but also an important, powerful EFT session Ebook, Tap to Eliminate Abandonment and Pain that you can actually tap along with, where you’ll watch as a man was able to let go of pain he’d had for more than 50 years.

Low-Key, High-Results Marketing Training for Coaches

This is for you if: You’re an entrepreneur and/or coach, and you’re sick of hype and slick selling. You want to know how to do casual, heart-based, low-key, high-result marketing for your business, and how to finally stop hating marketing and networking. You want high-dollar results from your efforts! Through the trainings I create for you, you can make more money so you can help more people, and make more of a difference in the world. Yes?

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As a thank-you treat, you get my FREEbie Ebook, Are You Making These 3 Critical Networking Mistakes? Why? Because when you use the 3 tips in this one ebook alone, you can finally forget all about that boring old elevator speech you never could get to work well, and finally reach and engage people who will be excited to hear all about you…and pass the word on to others.

Original Art & Prints by … moi!

This is for you if: You want to hear all about my new paintings and sculptures, ebooks on how they were created, and savings on prints and originals. Yes?

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As a thank-you treat, you get my FREEbie detailed ebook, The Carving of We Two, showing you the journey from blank stone on the table in my yard to the finished, polished stone sculpture called “We Two.”

I look forward to having you in one or more of my new groups!


Does YOUR Website Reflect Your Brand and Your Personality?


I’m really tired of hyped-up programs telling you how to build a website that cost you thousands. It just isn’t necessary. So I’m always on the lookout for people who do good honest work for way less than the norm.

I found Pamela Wilson a couple weeks ago, and I like her work a whole lot. She has an amazing knack for lining up very simple things to do that can revamp your website fast.

If you’ve been looking at your website and wondering how to make it pop more, I think you might like this.

The FREE 30-Minute Website Makeover:
4 Simple Things YOU Can Change to Take Your Site from Drab to Fab

You’ll see website experts Wendy Cholbi and Pamela Wilson take an ordinary website and give it some visual oomph with just a few simple steps. You’ll see how you can:

•  Make 2 very simple choices early on to give your site “personality” and a memorable style (this is so cool!)
•  How to use specific simple items to pull your readers’ eyes into the words on your pages
•  Do an easy copy and paste to build your email list or direct visitors to important pages on your site

CLICK HERE to get it – helps you build a site with a look that matches your personality.

No fluff, no blather, good stuff. See you there!

Who Do You Know Who Is Suffering Needlessly?

angerI bet you know at least one person who’s fighting anger, depression, irritability, nightmares and unwanted memories.

Maybe a vet, or a public service person from any arm of the military, police, coast guard or fire department.

Maybe someone who’s been abused, gone through any kind of shock or accident, or loss of a spouse or child.

Maybe a woman who’s been raped, hit, degraded or made to think little of herself.

Do they seem like they’re living a happy, contented life?

I didn’t think so.

“Oh, don’t worry about me….”

Many people who have gone through traumatic experiences might seem OK on the surface, saying, “Oh I”m alright, don’t bother with me!”

But I guarantee you they really, really suffer when they’re alone and no one’s watching.

And of course, some can’t hold the anger or hurt in – hitting their spouses, children or even friends, striking out from the unrelenting, ceaseless, intense pain inside them. Even though they hate themselves later for striking out. Even though they do their best not to.

No one should have to go through that. NO one.

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DO Something!

computer-joyLately I’ve been cruising Facebook a bunch. Probably too much. I get hooked by the posts on what’s happening out there in the world.

Many of them are really upsetting to me – reports of heinous things people do to each other, and what we, human kind – or rather, humans-not-so-kind – are doing to the planet.

But what upsets me the most is the multitude of people who believe there is nothing they can do about anything.

They whine, bitch and complain, but never offer any viable solutions to anything. Nor do they make any attempt to sign petitions or support the movements already in place that are directed towards resolving what these people are moaning about.

Those upsetting things just keep on keeping on, with people sitting on their butts, watching, complaining or being critical, but doing nothing.

Complaining is great – but only if you do it enough to fully see and understand what it is you really, really do NOT want in the world or in your life.

But then it’s time to ask yourself, “what would I prefer, instead? And what is at least one step I can take towards creating what I prefer?”

We are very, very definitely not helpless.

Even such a small thing as signing an online petition is helpful. I used to scoff and laugh, thinking online petitions were a farce. But in the past couple of years I have seen some mighty victories achieved because thousands of people were concerned enough to put their names on petitons about issues they cared about.

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How to Get Unstuck Easily and Quickly for Clear Mind and Energy

how dare you? what a nerve!Over the past few weeks, many of you have written me saying you feel stuck right now. Yes. It’s the change of seasons, and if you understand such things, it’s also Mercury retrograde. You’re not alone.

Dealing with being stuck has been a very common theme in my life. I used to want to end my life, before I found EFT. That’s been gone for 12 years now, and I don’t miss it it a whit, I can tell you!

Over the years when I did feel like exiting the planet just to be rid of the despair I felt, I developed a few tried and true ways to deal with stuckness.

I want to share with you a couple of my tiny but powerful exercises that I know will work for you, too. I’ve used them a lot this summer as I struggled with intermittant illness and fatigue, and what a blessing they have been!

Here’s what to do….

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What to Do When You Feel Like, “I Just Can’t Decide, and It’s Making Me Feel Nuts!”

I-miss-youI received a note from someone today who said she felt torn between doing this and that and couldn’t make up her mind, and it was starting to make her feel crazy.

Can you relate? I sure can! It’s never a question of WHAT to do, it’s always a question of WHEN.

A few years ago in the hospital recovering from surgery, I felt pretty overwhelmed by pain and hallucinations from the drug they were giving me. I found that the only way out was to focus within. When I got out of the hospital, I decided to see how to use that little technique in regular daily life. And it works!

Each time you feel like you need to do this but your heart wants to do that…or…you better do this to make some money or do that to help your kids…or, fill in the blank  _____ just do this:

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