A Brandy-Spandy New Life

Live from the HeartAll my life, I’ve just had this natural Thing, this urge, this compulsion towards anything to do with art – appreciating it, making it, talking about it, eating-sleeping-breathing it.

Thing is, even though my fellow teen class mates were buying my pencil drawings left and right, and in my 20s and 30s people loved and bought my pottery, something happened inside my head that threw off my whole game.

All of a sudden…

Something must have snapped in my head. Because in my late 40s, I didn’t believe anyone would actually buy what I created. I became super depressed and discouraged. Despite the emotional tone, I still created and created – it’s just in my blood, I think – I just keep going, making hundreds of this and thats.

Out of the blue, and entirely unlike me, this belief that I had to go out and ‘make money’ somehow other than with my true calling started wanging around in my mind.

I didn’t know how to ‘make money’ really – all my sales up until the break point had been through galleries and word of mouth. For some odd reason, I didn’t think that would work anymore.

I thought I had to…

Ever think “I should do _____ ” – and whatever you’re thinking you “should” do is something really far away – like planets away, even universes away – from what your heart cries for?

I saw myself lacking. I felt like a complete failure. I was considering suicide every day. I really didn’t know what to do. I was so very, very lost.


I found EFT and rescued myself from depression and suicide.

But I still didn’t believe all the way that I could make it as an artist. Isn’t that ironic? I make things, but couldn’t ‘make it’. Hah! How silly.

I began thinking that I “should” take all these lessons and trainings on selling and success and mindset and writing and selling books and how to market online, and who knows what else.

So I did. For years. And I did OK, too. I coached and I taught business success teleclasses and had a radio show for entrepreneurs, and I even taught others what I learned, as well as delivering teleclasses and sessions on emotions and mindset and EFT!

And yes, I ‘made money.’ But being away from art-comes-first never felt ‘right’ in my heart. I knew, deep down within my most secret places, that something had to give. I couldn’t pay attention to coaching and classes and sessions and marketing online and be able to be fully present with creating artworks.

Enter 2016

This year started out as a horror show for me. I got sick (yet again) and thought, quite honestly, that I was going to die.

That illness was a huge service. It woke me up to the enormous ache within me, this huge pain I just couldn’t reach if I was going to continue splitting my attention between being a coach and being a full-time artist.

So I quit.

I stopped giving teleclasses. I stopped thinking about marketing and ebooks and freebies and success and business mindset. And I stopped emailing everyone on my lists. And after I developed a fantastic course on how to get on the radio – which is my very best how-to course ever – I stopped creating new courses and content.

Yep, I did keep a few of my favorite clients, because I love them and they are fun to work with and I feel really good about the results they get from working with me, and I’d really miss them if we parted ways. Everything else – no more.

It was a big, big decision, but I had to make it – or I felt like I’d die for sure.

Then, I began!

I started allowing all the images, ideas and concepts I’d left lying fallow for 15 years to come to the front of my mind. It suddenly struck me – what would happen if I died without getting all of them out of my head and into stone or onto paper or canvas? They’d die, too! Oh no!

So now, instead of dragging my feet each morning, dreading having to do more not-art, I am happy to wake up and get up and get going.

love my lifeI spend most of my day in the Art Realm. Whether it’s working on a project, getting inspired to do something completely different, thinking about how to do that, getting ready for a project, finding and buying materials and stones and tools and equipment, thinking about adding a new image post of a recently completed piece to some site or social media page … and I’m telling you, I’m about as happy as a clam at high water.

Now as I look back, I can’t believe I deserted myself for 15 years. That’s a bloody long time! I don’t regret it – don’t get me wrong – I learned a whole lot and grew a whole lot. But – I’m really, really happy to be me just as I am right here and right now.

Would I do it that way again?

And…given the choice to go back in time and remake that decision to branch off and be a coach? Not sure I’d take that road. I think I’d somehow manage to have more belief in myself and my ability to make good stuff, and the conviction that no matter what I make and try to sell, that people would love it and buy it.

I think I just needed a few courses on mindset to keeping myself from diving into depression and lack of belief in myself. Who knows? It ain’t gonna be redone, so it’s moot anyway.

Happy Dance!

I’m just so happy to be back in my studio full time again. Oh – and yes, people do actually love and are buying the work!

Clap hands and do a happy dance!







“She Betrayed Me!”

My friend “Benji,” a coloring book artist, told me that, after discussing with her friend an idea that she was working on, that same friend went off and created and published the very same kind of work.

crying-500w“What really bugged me was not just that she stole my idea, but that she posted it as her own idea, without giving any mention or credit to me!”

Benji said that she felt “like someone gut-kicked” her. Totally betrayed. “Now I’m thinking, how can I ever trust her again?”


After we took a bit to process and defuse her feelings about this incident, Benji’s next question was: should you share your ideas with people when you get the idea, or while you’re in process? Or do you keep your ideas to yourself until they’re signed and sealed?

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Happy 2016!!!

love2How many years have you set great goals for the new year…and ended up not doing them – and then feeling bad about it?

Ugh! Me too. And not only that, but on top of not doing what I said I’d do, I felt bad about it, and then felt bad about feeling bad!

How silly is that?

So last year, I decided to come up with something that would make me feel good. Here’s what I did.


Last January, I set feel-good goals. It worked.

I asked myself two questions:
1. “How do I want to feel about myself, my life and my biz at the end of this year?”

2. “What three things will really make me feel fantastic if I do them by year’s end?”

My answers were:

1. feel light, happy and proud.

2. a. create/publish 5 excellent books that I love and feel happy about
b. do something I’ve never done before & learn a lot
c. feel really healthy by the end of the year

And I did it all!

1. I feel light, happy and proud of myself, my life and my work.

2. And I did not 3, but 4 big things that I feel really awesome about:
a. I wrote, illustrated and published not 5 but a huge12 books (!!!)
b. I did over 1000 drawings and 150 ink paintings and learned a LOT
c. I found and got on a really strong road to health, and (big bonus!):
d. I saved someone’s life.

What will YOU feel really great about at the end of this year?


I wish you the very best, happiest, most fun, successful and outrageously creative and unique year ever in 2016.

Change Your Mind! with EFT: the Basics – Revised!

112815-CYM-BAS-COVER-3D-5hI’ve gone over and revised  my Signature EFT book, Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics.

When I revised it, I was frankly amazed at how good it is!

I expected to have to change and update a whole lot of stuff in it, but all I did was rewrite a few sentences and reformat it. It’s as dynamite as it was when it first came though me in 2002.

In case you have never read it, it’s a simple, clear manual on how to use EFT: what it is, how it came to be, and how to use it easily, rapidly and effectively for what ails ya and for creating new options and possibilities.

If you’ve been struggling with fear, anger, irritability, pain, illness or food cravings; if you have trouble staying on track or can’t quite stay focused on your action plans, you’ll want to get it for yourself. Or even as a gift for someone else.

I have it in ebook and on the Kindle for all you ipad and e-device users, and in print format for you if you love marking and underlining books, and holding them cozily on your lap.

If anything is bringing you down off what could be a wonderfully enjoyable life experience and you don’t have this book, I invite you get it now and use it! CLICK HERE to get it!

Remember I love you!
aloha –

Want Plenty of Strength and Stamina?

MAPS-BOTTLESLast summer I went through a weight loss program and dropped 32 pounds. What was most helpful about that program was a product that helped me regain my strength to such a degree that it really astounded me. I still use it.

It’s called the Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP). I can’t begin to tell you how much stronger and how much more stamina I have now. You’ll need that for the holidays!

It’s the purest form of protein you can get. If you don’t like eating meat or a ton of fish for your protein, this is a fantastic resource. Your body can absorb it within 23 minutes – much faster than eating meat. And your body absorbs 99% of it, compared to 23% for meat.

Here’s what it says on the sales page:

  • Increase Strength and Stamina – Use MAP to augment your protein intake
  • The basic building blocks of hair, skin, and muscle — MAP is rapidly digested and typically only takes 23 minutes to digest fully
  • 99% absorbed and utilized compared to 23% absorption for meat
  • 100% sugar free! Great for weight loss, clean eating, and bodybuilding
  • Use MAP before intense training to significantly reduce recovery time

Here’s where to get it:

CLICK HERE to order yours: Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP)

I suggest that you only get one for now, but be prepared to love it so much that next time you’ll get two – I do, every month. I take 3 a day in the morning. I take four if I know I have a heavy day ahead of me.

COLOR: Special Collector’s Edition


LYON-color-3d-5h-coverMy first hard-cover collector’s edition of my abstract paintings is finally out!

This is huge for me! Huge! I’m so very excited about it!

I’m adding pix of a whole bunch of pages below to let you see how I’ve taken the alcohol inks, which are featured in this book, in many directions.

I hope it inspires you to do something huge in your own life.

The book:

COLOR: Special Collector’s Edition
A Feast of Color-Rich Abstract paintings by Angela Treat Lyon
• 132 pages
• the book measures 12” x 12” and is about .75” thick
• has very thick, rich quality lustre paper
• hard-bound with black end sheets front and back
• 60 full color abstract painting images
Limited Collector’s Edition
Signed & Dedicated Limited Collector’s Edition
Contact me if you want to order one. I’m limiting the edition, so act now.

(See the inside pix by clicking on ‘continue reading’ – and you can click on each image to see a bigger view)

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Do You Allow Your Inner Guidance?

Angela, what happened to you?

LYON-BEAMING-LOVE-TO-YOUIt’s been a long time since I last wrote! And I have really missed writing you. I think of you all the time – I send mental emails saying what’s up and what’s cool to look at and all kinds of good info…but until now, I haven’t had the OK from Within to actually sit down and write – each time I tried, I’d hear, “wait!”

Last year, I had pneumonia for 3 long, dreary, very boring months. I didn’t have the strength or even the urge to do a darn thing. And when I finally started feeling better, almost all my ideas for teleclasses or coaching calls? I just didn’t feel lit up about them anymore. At first I fought it, and tried some classes. They just didn’t feel right. So I stopped

What to DO?

You wanted to keep doing something you love, but it just seemed like something was in the way – have you ever felt like that? I couldn’t figure out what what to do. Finally, I realized I had to stop thinking, and start doing some pretty deep meditating on it all.

I saw that part of it was that I was getting more and more into creating, publishing and selling books.

I’ve always adored books – every corner in my house and studio and even my kitchen and bathroom are filled with books I’ve either read, am reading, or going to read. I’d go daft without books. Of all kinds – not just self-help (which I actually don’t much like) – art, history, archaeology, chi gung, quantum physics, historical novels, biographies – you name it. I love ‘em.

And part of it was that this is the same year – in -age – that my ma died. As of June, I have outlived the date of her very early demise at 69. In 2 weeks, I turn the ripe old age of 70 – I can hardly believe it! I certainly don’t feel 70 – whatever that’s supposed to be like. I feel younger and more energetic than ever.

How did I do that?

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Did You Get Your FREE Book yet?

TRMS-COVER-3D-0815-5hThe Real Money Secrets is a book I created several years ago as a spoof on all the weird, funny and wacky ways people strive to get more money.

I decided to update and republish it because, at the very least, it was make you laugh, helping you make your day a little lighter.

And maybe one or more of the real ways I included to change your mind, your thinking, your atitude and go about really making money will work for you!

CLICK HERE or on the book cover image to download your copy for free – and enjoy it – my gift to you!

HINT: Do NOT open and read it in your browser, because when you close the window, it will be gone – poof! Download it to your device or computer first!

I’d love to hear from you how you liked my little book – was it fun? Did it lighten your day? Did it give you new ideas?

Twisted Tales Book #2 is out!

The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic

BBW-3d-5.5h-72I’m so excited to announce that book #2 in the Twisted Tales series, The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic, is now ready in print on Amazon.com and also on the Kindle!

I just got my copies in the mail today, and they look gorgeous – nice white paper and crispy clear brilliant colors. Woohoo!

What’s it about?

One Day in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest… The Big Bad Wolf sneaks up behind Little Red Riding Hood and, covering her mouth so she can’t cry out, slings her over his sharp pointy shoulder and quickly disappears onto one of his secret paths that leads far back into the Great Deep Dark Black Forest.

What shock and surprise awaits her there? What does the Big Bad Wolf want with the Violet Velvet Bag he steals from Little Red Riding Hood’s Grammy? Who is the dreaded Dark One, and why will the entire Forest and everyone in it perish if he escapes his centuries’ old prison?

The Big Bad Wolf Steals the Magic is scary-fun and keeps you on your seat’s edge from start to finish. Richly delicious color-saturated countrysides, odd cloaked people and bite-your-tongue suspense! What are you waiting for?


My New Book Is Out!

Harlyn and Griffyn Get Lost

Harlyn and Griffyn Get LostI’m so excited to announce that my new book is now ready in print on Amazon.com and also on the Kindle!

I just got my copies today, and they look gorgeous – nice white paper and crispy clear brilliant colors. Woohoo!

What’s it about?

Harlyn and Griffyn, twin brother and sister, go out to play one afternoon, and get terribly lost in the Great Deep Dark Black Forest.

Little do they know they will soon find and vanquish a sly enemy and meet a new friend who is over 400 years old!

Get your copies now – and stay tuned for book #2 in the Twisted Old Tales Series! Read more about it at TwistedOldTales.com.

Do You Speak UP?

“How Do You Speak Up Fearlessly?”

speakingI’ve been speaking up a lot on Facebook about the recent situation in Indiana where war has pretty much been declared on gay people.

They are trying to instigate a new law there saying that it’s OK for businesses to discriminate against and not serve gay people.

I received two interesting notes: one from someone saying “you must be gay since you are standing up for gay people, and why don’t you shut up!”

The other note was from someone admiring me for speaking up, and how ever did I have the nerve to do it!

The first person had it all wrong. No, I’m not gay (even if I was – so what?). Whether or not I am is not even the issue. No I won’t shut up (!). And no, I don’t put up with bigots, so I un-friended him.


It’s very clear that if businesses are allowed to discriminate against one section of the populace willy-nilly, it won’t be long before it’s OK for them to exclude blacks, latinos, breast-feeding mothers, single women, left-handed cowboys and sandy beach bums. In other words, anyone.

I Remember

Because I remember very clearly what it was like in the 50s and 60s before we fought for black freedom. I was there in that fight, and the fight for abortion, and the fight for women to have bank accounts and to be able to buy a house or just sign a contract without having a husband, as well as the many other fights we have won over the years.

We fought hard to legalize those rights, and to see them erode before my eyes makes me furious and sick to my stomach.

This is wrong, and I won’t stand for it and I won’t shut up. I “have the nerve” to speak up because my passion drives me. I know what we, as a people, will lose if I and others don’t speak up.


Courage, Clarity & Confidence

What happens when you lack courage?

sm-shy-3hYou think about what you’d like to do…but then you just cave in and don’t do it, right?


And then you wonder why you aren’t where you want to be in your life or business.

Opportunities that would allow you more freedom and prosperity flow by you every day, but you either don’t even see them through your veil of fears, or you don’t have the energy, strength or courage to reach out and grab them.

You then kick yourself left-wise from Sunday, and spend precious time wondering why things are going so badly, or why you can’t take your success to the next level.

You might even blame someone or something, thinking or saying it’s their fault.

You end up saying, “next time!” Well … what if there IS no next time?


So the loop goes like this: opportunity > no thanks > self-blame or other-person-blame > next time! > opportunity > no thanks > self-blame or other-person-blame > next time….

Aren’t you tired of that? Wouldn’t you like to end that loop of internal destruction?

It’s pretty simple, really, and I’d like to show you how I do it.


See, you may not know this, but many years ago I was so shy I could barely look people in the eye, much less think clearly enough to form coherent sentences or even speak them loud enough to hear.

If I had an appointment with someone, every moment of my day right up to the meeting was filled with anxiety, fretting and worry – I couldn’t even think about doing anything else.

But I found a way to reverse that 180 degrees, and now people are more likely to tell me I’m full of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

I talk to everyone. I even have a radio show! If you’d told me even 10 years ago that I’d be a radio show host, I’d have laughed and declared that that would be impossible, who did you think you were trying to kid?


heart-loveSo tell me: which version of yourself would you prefer – the fearful one or the courageous, confident one?

Did you know? The root word for Courage is Couer – which means Heart! Your courage comes from your lion-heart!

Want to know how to reverse your shyness, worry and lack of confidence?

All the way from little things like invitations to lunch, to big things that would be of great benefit to you, like being able to sell your work or pursue your passion! Here’s your chance to take this thing by the horns and turn it around.

I put together a teleseminar just for you, so you could create clarity, banish lack of courage and transform fear into confidence – forever.



Cynthia Sue Larson on Daring Dreamers Radio: Quantum Reality Jumps & Your High Energy Money


Cynthia Sue Larson: Reality ShiftersI’m so delighted to introduce you to Cynthia Sue Larson, best-selling author of Quantum Jumps and High Energy Money.

Cynthia is a life coach with a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley. She has been interviewed on the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and BBC for her ideas about physics and Quantum Jumping.

Her idea of fun is conversing with physicists and cognitive scientists in search of the quantum paradigm, meditating, or practicing martial arts.

If you have ever wanted to understand more about quantum anything but everyone always seems to make it so mysterious, you’ll love listening in as Cynthia makes it easy to comprehend and use on a practical, every day level.

Listen to all 3 20-minute segments – especially the last one! – HERE.

High Energy Money……Quantum Jumps

Click here or on the book cover above to get Quantum Jumps.
Click here or on the book cover above to get High-Energy Money. Make sure you do the exercises in them so you can completely shift your financial future – no matter where you’re at right now!


New Angela Treat Lyon Artist Catalogue is READY!

cover-3dI’ve known for a while I should get it together and gather all my work in one place. I finally did it this year!

You can now find links to all the stuff I create in one place:
where to get my:
•  original paintings and sculpture…
•  books on EFT, on my art, on building wealth…
•  and products with my art on them, like framed and unframed prints, pillows, fantastic tote bags, beautiful calendars, unique throw rugs and duvet covers, journals, iphone covers and lots more – even a puzzle!

Get the catalog HERE and download it for free (of course!), so you can have it year round when you’re looking for something for that place on your couch, or a gift for a friend. Prices start very low, for those who need to watch the pennies!

Dr. Elliott Maynard: Consciousness Scientist & Conceptual Designer of A New Future Paradigm


elliottDr. Elliott Maynard: Consciounesness Scientist & Conceptual Designer of A New Future Paradigm

The rise of consciousness is speeding up, and there are those who are looking far beyond into the realms of Quantum Field Science for the future and into designing a way we can all get along together better than ever, on all levels.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this brilliant man last week, and wished I’d had hours and hours more in which to speak with him, he was so fascinating.

I had to ask – what did the companies he does consulting for think of his combination of deep science, Quantum ideas … and woowoo stuff like intuition, channeling, animal communication, teleportation and telepathy? You may be surprised by his reply.

One of the things I loved about him was his attitude about women. He’s all for the empowerment of women, calling us out and into our rightful places as intelligent creative beings. Yes!

brave-new-mindHe worked with his 1st wife, Sharon, for over 30 years, doing consulting for businesses, movie stars and actors, sports men, etc.

She was a psychic, and he designed systems for the future based on his ideas stemming from Quantum concepts. She died 7 years ago – and now his 2nd wife works with Sharon across the Veil! How amazing is that?

There’s a lot of good stuff in this 45 minute podcast – I invite you to CLICK HERE to listen in and drink up!

You can get his wonderful book, Brave New Mind, HERE.