Love Made My Birdies Come Back!

Red BirdiesWhen I moved back to Hawaii 15 years ago, there were no birds at all in my yard. Through planting desirable bushes and plants, putting out various birdseed, and creating a simple little bird-bath, I’ve very carefully built up a big flock of birdies that come live in the trees – over ten species, including the cutest itty-bitty finches.

At first there were only two finches. Very nervous, never staying long. By the end of March of this year, the flock had grown to over thirty.

But then, all of a sudden there was a huge drop in bird visitations and in their populations. I couldn’t believe it – what the heck? I couldn’t figure out why – until one day I noticed a new neighborhood cat lying in wait under a guava bush.

All the other neighborhood cats know not to come into my yard upon pain of being sprayed with water or used as target practice with the little stones I have stacked and ready by my door.

Don’t get me wrong – I like cats. but NOT in my yard. I don’t hurt them, I just want them out of here.

This new cat had decimated my finches – there were only 2 by the end of last week. I was heart broken


Then I remembered I’d made the commitment to being in love with ALL of my life. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is and it isn’t, because it means loving even the things that you ordinarily would decry and despise.

So I thought about the birdies and how upset it made me that they were gone, and did a little process on how I felt, and how the outer world reflects the inner.

Afterwards, I slipped right back into being In love with ALL of my life. Even the crummy parts.

The next day, there were over 30 of the finches.

Yes! The ‘outside’ world really does reflect your ‘inner’ world.

You can call what happened a miracle, or a co-incidence, or whatever you like – you’re entitled to your ideas.

But I know what happened to me and my world, and it makes me happy. I feel in love, which I love. And I have my birdies back, which I really, really love.

“Maybe It’s Not Meant to Be….”

intentI may be an opinionated old thing, but to me, the phrase, “Maybe it’s not meant to be….” is pure BS.

“Maybe it’s not meant to be….” smacks of the mindset of someone who is convinced there is some higher power controlling them, and if they stray onto some path not “right for them,” it won’t work out.

Yes, I do believe in a higher power that is way beyond what we could imagine. But still, I don’t believe whatever that power is controls every little thing I do! Free will, anyone?

Thinking “maybe it’s not meant to be….” removes the possibility of choice.

If I buy into something I’m doing not being meant to be, then I have no choice but to give up. If I try to find another way, some part of my mind will sabotage it, thinking that maybe it’s not meant to be.

I ask you:

What the hell happened to Radical Intention?
Where nothing will stop you, no matter what?

Surely you have heard of people who just never gave up, right?

Or have we just given in to the slave mentality that we ‘better behave,’ we ‘better walk the straight and narrow,’ we ‘better stop doing whatever it is that isn’t working because if we try any further, what will happen?’

Oh no! Will we get punished? Laughed at? Shunned?

Will we FAIL???

Ohhhh, nooo! We can’t FAIL! Better to give up than get punished, laughed at or shunned! Right?

WRONG! If one thing doesn’t work out on your path towards contributing to the world, try another way!

Don’t give up so damn easily!

I heard someone saying just last week, “well, it didn’t work out, so I’m considering dropping the idea.”

NO! Keep at it! “Maybe it’s not meant to be” is a cop out!

Try whatever it is again – at least three times –
before you give up!

Do You Know How to Be A Great Detective?

Yesterday I hit ‘publish’ on this book written by EFTer Extraordinaire, Jondi Whitis. I designed the covers and innards, and illustrated and published it for her.

What’s it about, and why would you want it?

Have you ever been working on yourself or with a client and suddenly gotten stuck, wondering where to go next? Searching for just the right question to find breakthrough information?

It can be so frustrating, knowing the answers and solutions are right there at the end of your fingertips (and tongue!) as you tap, but not being able to get to them.

This is what I call the blind spot – you don’t know what you don’t know, so you can’t ask specific questions to elicit answers.

This is where Jondi’s book – How to Be A Great Detective: The Handy-Dandy Guide to Using Kindness, Compassion and Curiosity to Resolve Emotional, Mental & Physical Upsets: For Tappers, Practitioners and Caregivers – comes in.

It’s chock full of purposeful, quality questions. When you ask these questions, you can easily get right to the core issues and causes that need resolving, bringing you both to new levels of progress and relief. And they work beautifully for self-care, too.

If you are a practitioner, this is a no-brainer book to get. If you are a tapper, same-same!

I invite you to check it out (and get it, of course!) HERE –

Why do I share this book with you? Well, I like to share cool stuff with you, and it’s a great little book that can serve you really well.

Cool Interview by Top Art Blogger! WooHoo!

Last week I had a sweet invitation to be one of the artists interviewed for artist/blogger website belonging to a gal who goes by the intriguing name of Tangerine Meg.

She asked some great Qs and added a really good bunch of my artwork on the page, too (6 or 7 pieces).
(Image shown: Sing the Cosmos, oils 18″ x 18)

In case you’re like me and like reading better than listening (I can read faster than I can listen), you’ll be happy to know that it’s a read-it interview, not a listen-interview. She’s broken it up into little easy-to read chunks.

What will you get?

You’ll find out what I decided never to do when I was still a kid, and why; and how I got through years and years of …well, you’ll see!

Have fun – and I hope this will inspire you if you’re feeling a little down –

Do You Know How to Get Rid of Fear of Surgery?

A friend of mine was about to go in for gall bladder removal. She was afraid, and asked me what to do before the procedure to help get over her fears and to heal well and rapidly.

This is the list I made for her.


1. Start tapping two nights (or more, if you can) before
your surgery.

Tap on releasing fears of surgery;
trusting your docs to do a fine job;
and any fears of not getting through
alive (very common fear).

2. The day before the surgery,
tap on how easy the surgery will be, and
how clean the cut will be,
how relaxed your body will be,
how good the docs and nurses are, and
recovering fast from the anesthetic
recovering fast the procedure itself.

3. The day of surgery, tap on
the procedure going well,
the anesthetist being careful, and
your not having any adverse reactions to any of the
drugs they give you.
the docs being careful and doing a great job,
the docs sewing you up so you hardly have a scar
(mine looks like the doc was hit by lightning mid-cut –
or maybe like he was using a butter knife).
ease of waking up after an easy successful procedure.

4. The day after, tap on
healing fast and well with little to no pain, and
the scar disappearing within a year.

Here’s what happened for me

hugI did all of that. Thankfully, I had a lovely friend (always grateful, Helena!) who sat with me in the hospital and supported me – make sure you have that, too. Get someone who knows how to tap, too!

I tapped before the procedure, on the way to the op room, and afterwards. I tapped so much I had NO pain.

I asked for stop the IV drip of pain meds because the meds were making me have horrendous dreams/visions.  The docs didn’t believe me, so I had to challenge them.

I bugged them so much that they said I could try for 5 hours. After 4 hours with no complaint about pain from me, they finally relented.

The incision healed twice as fast as normal, and within a month the docs said I was a walking miracle of healing-fast.

Tapping works.


cultured-cabb-071514Make sure you eat lots of cultured foods starting right now – if you can handle milk solids, drink Kefir. If you can, drink Kombucha.

To the left is what my home-made red cabbage cultured veggies looks like – crunchy, crispy and delish! (Yes, some people call it sauerkraut)

Get or make your own cultured veggies (salt pickles, sauerkraut – made without vinegar!) and have a couple bites before every meal.

There’s a great brand I get at my local health store called Wild Brine – not sure you can get it where you are. Make sure there is NO vinegar in your cultured veggies! Vinegar kills the probiotics!

My doc friend told me there are more probiotics in one tsp of cultured foods than a whole jar of probiotic pills. And the probiotics are more assimilate-able than the pills.

The probiotics will not harm your meds. They will help you balance out your gut bacteria so your body doesn’t get sick from a lack of good bacteria (which antibiotics kill).


A great website for info about cultured foods is She has recipes, culturing products, and health stories. She has done massive research in her years of resolving health problems with cultured foods.


Here’s an article with info on antibiotics that will prepare you for the onslaught of antibiotics your doc may want to dump on you.

Read it carefully. There is a long list of footnotes I thought it very smart to pay attention to. There are antibiotics I absolutely will NOT be taking.

I am no physician, and this is not advice – it is simply what I did/do.


If you do nothing else, tap.

If you know nothing about tapping, go here:

Go through the free demo. Take it seriously – I didn’t put it there just for fun! Set it up so no one else will see or hear you so you can feel safe from derision or criticism from others.

It will take a few minutes but will shift you profoundly if you allow yourself to sit with the questions and directions and be honest about the answers you give.

(Just in: got a nice note from someone saying they used the demo and their raging headache had gone down considerably. How cool is that?!?)

To your magnificent health, always –

Remember I love you!

aloha –

3-Level Tapping for Zero Pain

Tonight on facebook, I saw no less than five posts written by people who were experiencing various types and levels of pain.

disappointment-2When I asked them if they knew how to tap, not one did.

Every time I see that, I want to scream and yell and cry! Tapping makes pain ease or even completely leave! Why doesn’t the whole world know about tapping????


How would your life have been as a kid if you’d known how to release emotions responsibly, and if you could have handled your mental, emotional and physical pain easily!?!

How would your life as an adult change if you knew how to tap – and did do it?

(How many people do I know who know how to tap – but don’t! You’re busted!)


That’s why I created – with a free tapping demo. Imagine if your pain could ease only a little – wouldn’t that make your life better? What if it would go away with no trace at all? If you don’t know about tapping, I invite you to read the rest of this note, and then go use the demo.


Some have said to me that pain lets us know when there is something wrong that needs addressing, so should be left alone.

I agree up to a point – if there is a new pain and you need to explore what’s going on, sure! That makes sense.

But what if you already know there’s something wrong!?! Are you supposed to sit there and take it like a highly trained, war-hardened Marine?

I say no! I’m not a hardened Marine – and I have absolutely no intention to suffer any more than needs be!


So how would you like to know how to use tapping on three levels of consciousness so you can eliminate or vastly relieve any pain you feel – whether it is emotional, mental or physical?

You might say you already know how to tap for pain.

OK, but do you know how to tap about your feelings about your pain?

Or your feelings about your feelings?

Yup, you read that right. I’ll show you in a minute.

I discovered this a long time ago when the original EFT recipe of tapping: “this pain, this pain, this pain,” didn’t do it for me. Boring! And ineffectual after a point.

Here’s what I mean.

So you stubbed your toe. Or fell downstairs and banged your elbow. Or you lost your boy friend, or feel angry someone dissed you or cut you off in traffic or dented your car. Or your best friend hurt your feelings. Or you cut your finger with your veggie knife.

What do those have in common? Pain. But you can tap on each and every one of them.

Let’s take cut-my-finger-with-my-veggie-knife one – especially since that’s exactly what I did tonight!


Following the original recipe for tapping, I’d start with the karate chop point, and say, “this pain, I cut my finger, it hurts, look how much it bleeds, it hurts, etc.” Pretty surface stuff.

Then I’d use the same words down the points from top of head to under arm. (See for the chart of where to tap)

Yes, indeedy, it hurt! But, problem is, the tapping only got me halfway out of pain because it didn’t really address the other stuff I was feeling.


So then I tapped like this: “I hate this pain, it really hurts, this sucks, I wonder if I’ll have to have stitches, I’m bleeding all over the place, wow it really hurts, I feel so stupid, how clumsy am I!, I shoulda worn my glasses, I was in a hurry,” etc.

That got the pain down about three quarters of the way. But I wanted it all to go, and it was still bleeding a lot.


So I included this layer of thoughts: “I hate it that I hate the pain. I’m not a hater. I’m a lover! But I still hate it. I hate it that I feel stupid, that I could have avoided the whole thing by going slower and wearing my glasses! It’s bleeding all over the damn place. I hate worrying if it will get infected. I hate this – it’s boring and taking up time I want to be doing other things with.”

Now that worked. All pain: gone. No more bleeding, either. Easy to bandage with no seeping.


How many times have I tapped three levels like that?!?
•   For a badly sprained ankle, with no one to help me 1/4 mile back home from my walk – pain gone, no swelling. Tender, but I got home with no swelling or pain.
•   For countless bee stings from going barefoot on the grass – no pain, no redness, no swelling. If I were allergic to bee stings, do you think this might just be a little important to know about? You bet!
•   Even for a centipede bite. They inflict killer-level pain and huge hot horrid swelling. And tapping resistant! It took me three days to get to no pain, but before I learned about tapping, it took three >weeks< for the pain and swelling to go down for the other bite. I’ll take three days over that any time.
•   For that time my finger got slammed by the rat trap – zero pain within 5 minutes.

I could go on, but you get the point. Tap on any pain – physical, mental or emotional.



Tap what’s happening right in front of you. Never mind the emotions yet. Just the facts.


Now tap on how you feel. Scared, angry, stupid, embarrassed, infuriated, sad, silly, disbelief, clumsy – whatever.


This is the humdinger that gets it to zero. Tap now on how you feel about how you feel. “I hate it that I hate it, I’m ashamed to be feeling angry, I should be feeling grateful I’m alive instead of angry, etc.”

Once you get all those little threads of thinking, you’ll be at no-pain.

Try it!

Are You A Photo Dork?


Last week I worked with “Sam,” who complained that any photograph or selfies he was in never looked “anything less than dorky.”

He said that ordinarily, it wasn’t a big deal, but he had an interview coming up and didn’t want to be crossing his eyes or sticking out his tongue at the magazine photographer.

“Kind of unprofessional,” he joked.

“How could I expect anyone to take me seriously when I’m making ugly faces?”

He’s right. The image you present to the world is the one the world knows you by, so why not make that image the way you want it to be?

As we worked together to get to the root of the problem, we discovered two important things he’d forgotten all about.

As a child, he’d hated sitting for family portraits, because he was the smallest, and the brothers who always seemed to choose to pose behind him poked him mercilessly, and then teased him for making the person with the camera have to reshoot several times.

After years of making faces, his mother finally decided that he’d be the one standing with the camera where no one could poke him!

The other root cause was a lot deeper. Those same brothers, his mother and his father all made fun of him because he was an artist. He was the first one in his family not to want to be in the construction business in some way shape or form.

“I didn’t want to be some huge gorilla muscling around all that heavy equipment. I wanted to sit around and draw.

But they kept telling me, ‘You’re a sissy! You’ll never get a girl! You’ll never get anywhere! What artist makes as good a living as we do?’ So I developed a self-image of a dumb, slumpy, wimpy kid with virtually no future.”


What’s funny is that he’s bigger and better built than all of them, is very happily married, and makes a very good living as a graphic designer!

But his inner picture didn’t match his outer form. So every time he sat for a picture or tried to take a selfie, those voices from the past came to the front of his mind and triggered him into making horrible faces in front of the camera.

“I just don’t want to be seen. I feel ugly, shy and like a fraud. Sometimes I wonder who the heck I think I am!”

We tapped on all of that, plus his lack of self-confidence, his thinking that he was wimpy looking (not hardly!), and how, although he’s actually more successful, he still thought his brothers knew more than he did about the world and should take their advice.

Now he feels confident, strong and intelligent, and can finally sit – or stand – or pose – and have a good, professional shot made.


Remember I love you!

aloha –


If you’re in business and need to zero down to the basics of what makes you tick in your effort to be the most efficient and productive, I highly recommend The One Thing, by Gary Keller. Heck, even if you’re not in biz, it’s a great read!

He’s blunt, funny, poignant and spot on. I think you’ll love it. To get it in print or Kindle CLICK HERE!

I Deeply & Completely Love & Accept Myself!

It’s funny how the Universe steps in right when you need it, isn’t it?

Fifteen years ago, I was at such a low point in my life that I almost cashed in. I had been depressed for eons, but at this time, to me there just simply seemed no use in going on.

But I couldn’t do that – I had obligations – I was Artist-in-Residence at the time, in a tiny town on the South Island in New Zealand. I had been teaching Carving, Drawing, Painting and Creative Writing, and I didn’t want to let everyone down. So I just slogged on, making like I was OK, with my guts upside down and a head full of really destructive thoughts.


How did she DO that?

There was a gal in my writing class who was a very talented writer, but she always looked utterly miserable. Her hair and clothing were always scruffy and disheveled; and she was so emotionally fragile that if you even looked at her she’d burst into tears. She disappeared for a few weeks.

One afternoon as I gathered everyone together to start the class, there she was. Her hair was clean and cut nicely, she had on stylish clothes, her boots were clean of mud … and she actually – gasp! – was smiling!

I asked her where she’d been – “Oh no where.” OK. And what she had done to get happy? “Oh, EFT. I found it on the internet.” And that was all she said.


As soon as the class was over, I raced home and looked up EFT online. The moment I read about what it was, I knew at the very deepest level that this was what I had been searching for too long to think about.

I knew instinctively that this was the key to getting free of the constant fear, anger and pain I experienced inside, and that there really was hope for getting to some sort of happy equilibrium. And as it turned out, it was.

But One Part of Tapping Eluded Me….

When you first learn the basic ‘recipe’ of EFT, or tapping, as it is casually known, one of the phrases you learn is this: “I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

I couldn’t say it. At first, I couldn’t even whisper it.

As I tapped a bit more, I could say it out loud, but I felt like a complete liar and fraud. It stopped me in my tracks for a week, until I realized – “Aha! I can TAP on that!”

So I did. For two weeks solid. I figured if >I< couldn’t love and accept myself, certainly no one else would, either. How could I go on without completely accepting who I was? It would be a sham.

So I kept tapping – all day as many chances and times I got. Until finally, I was able to honestly say, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself,” without any little part of my mind saying, “yeah right,” or “uh-huh, suuuure.”

There was no back-echo. I really did love myself.

Is it me? Or my behavior? Or What?

I thought I hated myself. But I was wrong – It wasn’t >me< I hated. It was the fear, anger and pain that I hated.

It was the helplessness I hated, the feeling that no matter what I did, my life was useless and that I was powerless to change it.

And what caused the pain? My thinking.

It was all about how I perceived everything. From my view of the world, of people, and of my memories.

How I perceived that people looked at me or talked about me. How I thought about money, and how I thought that life itself was all screwed up and no way to fix it. I had really, really bad thought habits.

Those thought-habits changed as I tapped on each one. I felt myself lighten – as if someone had lit a light bulb inside of me.

What IS this???

At last, one morning I awoke and couldn’t figure out what it was, but it felt like something was missing.

It took me a full hour to realize that the thoughts I usually woke up with – the heaviness, the dread of the day – why bother get up, no one loves me, no one wants my art work, blah-blah-pathetic-self-pity-poor-poor-me-blah-blah – they were gone.

And I actually FELT happy!

I screamed! My housemate thought there was a fire or something and came bursting into my room, all worried – and stopped dead in her tracks seeing me sitting there laughing and crying. I was happy! I hadn’t felt truly, deeply happy in such a long time that I hadn’t recognized it upon waking.

And I could honestly say, “I may not love everything I do or have done, but I really do deeply and completely love and accept myself.”


A dear friend asked me the other day if I loved myself. And I can still say, yes indeedy!

Can you?

If not, you know what to do – hi thee over to and get my book, Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics. And use the heck out of it. Tap along with me in the stories inside the book as I show you how to love yourself and all of your life.

You deserve to love yourself, and to receive all the love that’s out there in the Universe, just waiting for you to be able to open your arms so it can rush on in.

Thank you! And….

A huge thank you to the many wonderful responses you sent about my tapping story about crunching my hand in a trap – (which is totally healed, by the way). I really appreciate it so much when you write!

slammed-hand-700w-HEALEDI must admit, I was really surprised by the number of people who sent me their own tapping stories. From ending tooth-aches to decreasing the pain from scorpion bites to wood-working accidents that healed fast – even dog, cat and horse tapping!

I’ve been using EFT for 15 years, both on myself and on my business and personal-improvement clients.

And although there have been a few, out of all the hundreds of sessions I’ve done, that either were complete flubs or didn’t work, the vast majority of them have been either good resolutions, really amazing or exciting, or real earth-shakers for the people who were tapping with me.

It just never gets old, seeing people shift and suddenly get all lit up with the new possibilities.

So I sincerely thank you for making it even more worthwhile by your participation. I’d love to hear more of your tapping stories!


Lately as I’ve been tapping with people, there’s been a whole LOT of upset about the political shenanigans going on in the US. So we tapped and created peace and they went off feeling better.

But I kept feeling there was something I was missing.

As I was thinking about that, a friend called me and wanted to argue about what was going on. And I suddenly realized what was missing – so obvious!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up thinking of the US as the embodiment of unity and inclusion.

But here we are, being bombarded every day with really intense messages that we are separate, that some people are “better” then others, and some people are “dangerous” and “might hurt” us, some have “better” religions, and so on.

That’s not my idea of the USA!  

So I asked my friend, “why are we arguing when we basically want the same things? Let’s see how we can work together as ambassadors for love and unity in the country and in the world, and make the things we want happen in reality.”

That one question shifted the tone of our argument into excited conversation. To me, that was worth gold! Who likes to argue? Not I!

We started listing all the things almost anyone can easily do to help bring more unification of purpose, love, freedom and unity: sign petitions, call reps to support them making decisions, march, send ‘resist’ postcards, show up at town hall meetings, make supportive posts on FB and other social media, find good-things articles and share them where we can – even run for office.

In short, if we want to stop disastrous laws and bills from being enacted
•   that totally destroy wild animals and our environment,
•   that stop support for seniors and other at-risk communities, and
•   that pull the rug out from under threatened segments of the population….

Then we need to get off our duffs and start demanding transparency and support for the issues we care about.

We need to demand that the chaos and destruction be replaced with creative solutions that work for the real growth of our country and the world.

Remember the word ‘politic’ comes from
the Greek word, politikos, meaning ‘citizen.’

And although it sure seems like it, it’s not essentially about
a bunch of liars and evil men destroying our country.

It’s about you and me.

You and I have the power, if we move in tandem with other like-minded individuals, to change how things are.

Each of us is an ambassador – and we can choose what kind of ambassador to be. We can stand:
1. for peace and unity,
2. for “I don’t care,” or
3. for chaos and destruction.
Which do you choose?

What small thing – or huge! – are you going to do to support the way you want your world today and tomorrow?

The Godzilla Trap


Today as I helped my 81-year old neighbor set a trap for the canal rats, the corner of it got caught on something, and the trap slammed shut on my first knuckle and finger. Rat traps* are huge versions of mouse traps – they look like they could trap Godzilla.

Man! Did that SMART! In a nanosecond, swelling rose up a good half inch with an awful black and blue bruise with a big dark red bruise in the center appeared on the side of my knuckle near my thumb.

I ran inside and grabbed some ice and held it on it tightly, but I couldn’t hold the ice on very long because it made it hurt worse.

(See image #1. I had to photoshop the image to show how it looked, because I didn’t have time to take a picture of it in that state. It actually looked worse than how it looks in the picture.)


Then I remembered – oh yeah! I can tap!


I couldn’t think of any words, so I just kind of yelled and roared.

And then my thinking started to come back, and I tapped ‘it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts’ and ’I’m so sorry hand! I’m so sorry! Man this hurts! Oh this hurts the pain the pain’…until I felt a big sigh.

I had tapped for maybe two minutes. I looked down to see that the swelling had stopped, the dark spot had shrunk, and the pain was about half gone.

So I kept tapping, just saying ‘the pain the pain’ and ‘I’m sorry,’ over and over again, until after about 5 minutes, it looked like #2 in the image below.

I tapped for a few minutes more on ’this remaining pain,’ and finally there was no more pain, no more dark mark, and no more swelling.

I’m typing this right now with the same hand, about 3 hours later, with zero pain. Now my hand looks like #3.

If I had not tapped, I’d be in sorry painful shape.


Last year a friend tripped and fell on her knee on the concrete. I ran over to her and tried to get her to tap, but she furiously pushed me away saying, ‘you know I don’t believe in that stuff!’

Within minutes, her knee was so swollen it looked like a softball covered by a huge black, blue and purple bruise.

As I drove her to emergency, she passed out from the pain.

They admitted her overnight for observation, and she picked up MRSA.

They plied her with an elephant’s weight in antibiotics, made her do a two-week stay in the hospital before allowing her to come home, and because of the MRSA, she did another two-week stay a month later.

It took six months for the swelling to go all the way down and the pain to leave.

Imagine if she’d allowed me to tap.


Have you ever wondered why you can’t think straight when you’ve been shocked or traumatized?

It’s because your body and mind are in full survival. No thinking! You’re all the way over in right brain mode.

That’s why when you ask someone who’s been shocked or traumatized, ‘are you OK’ or ‘how do you feel,’ they often cannot speak at all. Especially if it’s a kid.

Once you remember, ‘oh yeah, I can tap!’ and then do so, your ability to think and verbalize comes back.


If you don’t know how to tap, go here and go through the little freebie demo:


* In case you’re thinking “oh she should use humane traps!” Well, we use traps of all kinds here. I used to catch the critters and release them, but … island. They just came back. So don’t go putting me down for not being a nice guy – my neighbor is a cranky old thing who won’t have things any way but her own.

Are You Using Your Dreams to Improve Your Life?

Have you ever had an intuitive urge to do something that would be really cool and exciting…

anger…and in a flash, your inner nay-sayer shreds it into so many ragged, frayed threads with so many arguments against it that you push it to the back of your mind, saying, “well, maybe some day I’ll get to it….”?

And later, you think to yourself, “I shoulda done that!” But it’s too late, and now you add another I-could-have-done item to your regret pile.

That inner voice is your lovely subconscious, trying to keep you from taking risks so you can be safe. It wants you to maintain the status quo. It’s heartily against change.

It would rather you stay stuck in a loveless, harsh, abusive relationship than risk going out on your own and creating love, safety and fun for yourself at last.


Last week on the Hunting Your Power Through Dreaming Teleclass, K.P. told us about her dreams of kissing her ex (ew!). We did some tapping, and we did some re-dreaming, and she went off very happy.

She contacted me to say that she awoke feeling light and free the next day, because for the first time she can remember the heaviness and fear were gone.

And a week later, not only does she not dream about him anymore, but she realized that she was the one who had kept herself imprisoned in her long relationship with this loud, angry, narcissistic, abusive man.

Imagine what it would be like to erase your own sabotaging voice!

That’s what we did for her, and now she feels great, and says,

“I released myself from that self-defeating pact, and I actually felt all of the oppression leave. I feel free!

I feel that I will move forward in my career at a record breaking pace now. I can be and do exactly what I want now.

Oh happy day! I feel so different than I did yesterday. I am really me now! I am still flying high. I don’t know if I can sleep tonight.

You should feel good— you just gave me my life back. BOOM!”

kickhimout-5hWHAT ABOUT YOU?

Want to get released from old stuff that keeps sabotaging you, too?

I’ll show you how to use Active Dreaming to:
•  stop that inner nag saying “no you can’t do that”
•  remember your dreams even if you don’t dream now
•  use inner portals to other realities so you can bring back
treasures you can use in this reality
•  heal almost any kind of pain or imbalance
•  work out karma without getting hurt
•  discover re-dreaming so you can can completely upgrade
your experience of life
•  stop nightmares and chase dreams
•  find out what your dreams really mean (not by using one
of those dream interpretation books!)
•  meet inner guides who assist you in amazing ways…


Then you’ll want to listen to the FREE Intro to Hunting Your Power Through Dreaming Audio from last week’s Teleclass! You can do the tapping with us, and read the totally cool and very funly illustrated by me Transcript! Get it HERE.


Because I reveal what the Top Most Important Dream Types are, and start you off on how to use them:
Even if you think you’d don’t dream
(I show you how to start them up again).
Even if you don’t remember your dreams
(I show you how to start recalling them).
Even if your dreams right now are scary and not fun.

You’ll see how we created a whole new dream for one of the women who said she hadn’t had any new clients in six months.

Want more clients? Make more dough?


So – I invite you to check out the Audios for the
Hunting Your Dreams Course/Mastermind

I want you to be able to not just cruise through your night
with any old dreams, but have purposeful, intentional dreams.
I call it Active Dreaming.


Hunting Your Power Through Dreams

Did you know there are many types of dreams?
Do you remember your dreams, or know what they mean?
Did you know you can re-do dreams?
Do you ever have chase dreams or nightmares?
Do you have a personal, in-house Dream Guide?


What’s the big deal? Why are dreams so important? Rather than tell you, I’ll show you something that completely altered my whole life, because it changed how I felt about myself.

As a kid, I felt like a cringing wimp – both in and out of my dreams. If anyone even looked at me askance or said a critical word, I’d put on a brave front, but in reality, I felt like I was dying a thousand painful deaths inside. You’ll see how that changes….


thebigbear5hMy family lived on a hill, at the foot of which was a narrow stretch of beach. It was a huge long climb back up, but I went down there often to swim and play in the sand.

I was about 9 when a repetitive dream started: a huge black bear would burst out of the bushes as I climbed up the hill. It chased me – screaming my head off – all the way up the hill, only stopping when it reached the edge of our lawn.

I had that dream over and over until I was 14 years old. Sometimes the bear would just chase me up the hill; others we dashed through a long narrow rose trellis shaped like an arched tunnel. A thick growth of bright red roses with long thorns hung down and seemed to reach out to scratch me as I sprinted through.

I don’t know how I was fast enough to beat that bear every time, but I did, even when I had one of those running-but-going-nowhere versions.



People Ask ‘Why the Women’s March’? Here Are 26 Reasons Why

This is a comment from my friend Lyn StClair, in a beautiful post she wrote on Facebook. Thank you Lyn!

I invite you to notice that she says ‘for’ rather than against – we used to say, ‘we protest against ___.’ But we were – and still are, metaphorically – actually marching for issues to be addressed and resolved.

This was a march FOR rights and people and freedom. There was not rioting and there were no arrests.

zeroarest012217So here’s Lyn’s comment, as she posted it on FB:

What are you marching for?

“Saturday [January 22, the day of the march] was one of my prouder moments as an American. This introvert braved a crowd of over 10,000 in Helena, MT to walk in solidarity with an estimated 4 million women, men and children across the world.

Among the likes, loves and positive words from friends, there was one question that required an answer more substantial than a simple few sentences framed in a “reply” (the same question asked by others who are overtly critical of the march): “What are you marching for?”.

Despite the negative intent, it is a good question.

What am I, a white American who is pretty happy with her life and work, marching for? My answer, in no particular order…we marched for:

•  for all the bullied children who cry themselves to sleep…or, worse, think suicide is the only way out.
•  for the protection of our public lands, wild places and wildlife.
•  for science over opinion.
•  for LGBTQ Americans and my many friends among them, who now may fear losing basic human rights that were too long coming. Continue reading

March for Women’s Freedom and Human Rights

The Women’s March! Wow, the Women’s March was so awesome! 

Had me in tears. 3 Million world wide. 70 countries – even including Antarctica! Over 700 marches. I could go on – but check these out (and this is San Francisco last night – is that a thing of beauty or what?!?):

san-fran-5hSome of the best signs:

•  Fight like a girl!
•  Silent No More
•  I will NOT be silenced!
•  Donald J Trump will Lie about this
•  Keep your tiny hands off my Rights
•  Same shit, different century
•  Equality hurts no one
•  A woman’s place is in the Boardroom
•  Men of quality don’t fear Equality
•  You can’t comb over Misogyny
•  Girls to the front
•  The whole world is watching
•  I’m not usually a sign person but geez
•  Bisexuals are just confused – by your ignorance
•  Can’t believe we still have to protest this crap
•  I’m Really Quite Cross About This (love that!)
•  Those of us with Ovaries Need A Press with Balls
•  My arms are tired from holding this sign since the 60s
•  Women are the Wall and Trump will pay!
•  They tired to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds
•  Hey Donald, don’t try to grab my pussy, it’s made of STEEL
•  Respect existence or expect Resistance
 •  I am woman, hear me ROAR!
…and a sign saying, I’m with Her, with arrows pointing all around to the other women and men who were marching.

No other time in our world history has there been such a massive, globally attended protest for women, overall freedom and human rights.

We are so fortunate to have social media! I know, it’s a waste of time how some people use it. But this! This was amazing.


If you are on FB, I have collected a slew of pix of the march that will inspire you – see them here:


First of all, all of us need to stop complaining about Trump, the elections and what has already gone by. It’s a waste of breath and creative energy. Continue reading

It’s About Time

I remember when this song by John Denver first came out. It got me all weepy then, and it still gets me all teary-eyed. Yep, I’m still a dream-filled, peace-loving hippie. Dig it.

It’s About Time

look-to-the-moon-igThere’s a full moon over India
and Gandhi lives again.
Who’s to say you have to lose
for someone else to win?
In the eyes of all the people,
the look is much the same,
for the first is just the last one
when you play a deadly game.

It’s about time we realize it,
we’re all in this together.
It’s about time we find out,
it’s all of us or none.
It’s about time we recognize it,
these changes in the weather.
It’s about time, it’s about changes,
and it’s about time.

There’s a light in the Vatican window for all the world to see
and a voice cries in the wilderness and sometimes he speaks for me.
I suppose I love him most of all when he kneels to kiss the land,
with his lips upon our mother’s breast, he makes his strongest stand.

It’s about time we start to see it, the earth is our only home.
It’s about time we start to face it, we can’t make it here all alone.
It’s about time we start to listen to the voices in the wind,
it’s about time and it’s about changes and it’s about time.

There’s a man who is my brother, I just don’t know his name.
But I know his home and family because I know we feel the same.
And it hurts me when he’s hungry and when his children cry.
I too am a father, and that little one is mine.

It’s about time we begin it, to turn the world around.
It’s about time we start to make it, the dream we’ve always known.
It’s about time we start to live it, the family of man.
It’s about time, it’s about changes and it’s about time.
It’s about peace and it’s about plenty and it’s about time,
It’s about you and me together and it’s about time.

© John Denver