I Challenge You!


What is right in front of you that, no matter what your passion or purpose is, could be bringing you new clients, fans and referrals and making you more mo.ney, as well?? No, not your computer – although that is part of it.

Look around – what do you see? It’s so simple it’s absurd!

Your telephone! You hold onto the thing how many hours a day? And…are you making use of it to its fullest possibilities to expand your reach?

If not, why not???? Are you hoarding?

Oh, I couldn’t give teleclasses, you say….Heck, if you can call your family and friends and talk to them on the phone, you can do a teleclass.

Huh? Me? Why would I do that? How DO you do that?

Yes, you. And I’ll tell you how in a minute (in a hurry? go here http://HowtoDoTeleclasses.com)

But first, let’s see WHY you’d want to give a teleclass (teleseminar, teleconference, telemeeting, telesummit, tele-call, tele-whatever-you-want-to-call-it!)….

Because you can:

1. get on the phone with from one to thousands of people
2. give both for-fee and freebie teleclasses
3. make lotsa dough
4. make a big difference for people
5. have way too much fun
6. feel great

You can ALSO:
3. attract more clients and buyers
4. generate more referrals
5. become known in your field as an expert
6. serve your clients with your knowledge
7. expand the spreading of your expertise
8. make available your ebooks, print books, products and services to the people who love and want to buy them
9. sign up both new and long-time clients for your services
10. make a huge difference in the world
11. increase your in.come in as big a way as you want
12. feel great about what you do with your life and for people

Maybe you’ve never thought that you had much to offer. But you do – I bet you’ve got some knowledge, skill, talent or gift you could share with others! Check this out – here are some ideas about what you can share with people:

• a unique art-making technique
• a series of techniques
• a simple system of filling info on galleries, shows or collectors that has worked for you
• or maybe 10 photographic tips that you’ve used to increase the quality of your product’s look online

• a tapping protocol that has given relief to people who have fibromyalgia, alzheimer’s, arthritis, cerebral palsy, bell’s palsy…any long-term illness
• a tapping protocol for depression, emotional withdrawal…
• pain
• addiction….
I could go on – if you’re a practitioner, you know how endless the possibilities are!

• a set of exercises to get focused
• a way for small businesses to keep records in order to file taxes more easily
• a lesson in mind-mapping
• a how-to for keeping records of phone calls
• referrals tips
• how to avoid burn-out tips
• 10 things to avoid when setting up your online biz

• tips on eating raw
• a simple way to keep arthritis at bay
• lists of what foods do what for the body
• how to choose vitamin products
• a simple how-to for vegetarians to stay up on Vitamin D levels to avoid blindness
• what to do to resolve stress

There are so many subjects you could give teleclasses on that I could never list them all.

Writers, marketers, website designers, bloggers, MLMers, car enthusiasts, gardeners, cooks, kids – whoever you are, whatever you do, using teleclasses to transmit your ideas is such a dynamic, easy way to increase your exposure it’s almost silly.

I bet you have plenty to share, and the sooner you do it the better! http://HowtoDoTeleclasses.com

Do you have to give a full 60-minute call? No! You call the shots! You can do ten minutes, an hour to 70-minutes (fits on CDs); single classes or full series! You can interview experts, be an expert, do candid calls, info calls, coaching calls, conference calls….

How about these ideas:

1. take audio clips and use them on your home page to introduce yourself – be funny, serious, informative…

2. make 10-minute audios that you upload to your site and set up to be accessed each day for inspiration

3. make audio/ebook sets and series

4. make audio/ebook/print book home study courses….

There are so many ways to use just one audio it’s phenomenal. I list 18 ways to use your audios in my comprehensive, full-on How to Do Teleclasses course at http://HowtoDoTeleclasses.com.

You can get it now for $99 until midnight BY time on Sunday the 16th, when it will go to $199.

If you’re not doing teleclasses, you’re ignoring one of the fastest, easiest ways to reach your audience, and you’re leaving dough on the table that ought to be in you bank account.

If you’ve never considered giving teleclasses, consider it now! I want you and your business and your passion and your purpose to get out there and succeed.

If you feel too shy, or have fear of failure, go to http://LittleRedTappingBooks.com and get the ebooks and audios there and tap along.

Oh – but I forget – there are tapping sessions in the course – just for you and what you’re experiencing as you discover how simple it is to set up your calls and present and market them!

If you feel like you’re not an expert, so what? You know what you know and sharing it with the people who want to hear it isn’t a crime! No one said you needed long strings of letters behind your name – that’s a myth from the past.

Ah, you’re not a techie? Neither are most of the people who are so successful presenting teleclasses – they get others to do all that stuff for them so they can concentrate on doing what they’re good at.

“But I can’t afford to outsource right now!” You can eventually hire a virtual assistant, web person or marketing helper, but right now, my systems and checklists give you what you need to set it all up by yourself.

No excuses! You have something the rest of us wants to know about, and you’re hoarding it!

I invite you to expand your reach and make more people aware of your unique gifts, skills and talents! http://HowtoDoTeleclasses.com

Remember I love you-

aloha –

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