Amy Robbins-Wilson: Cheats Death, Creates Unique Mom/Baby Resources

Featured on Daring Dreamers Radio this week:

A freak condition in Amy Robbins-Wilson’s body almost meant the end for both her and her unborn child.

After Amy got through the terrors and recoveries, she still suffered through terrible doubts and fears, depression and discouragement, and her son was too sensitive to even listen to lullabies!

She decided to create the kind of support for babies and new moms she wished she’d had for herself….

I invite you to join me for my interview with Amy as she describes what unique ways she discovered to help new mothers (and babies) through the many stages of new-mom-ism, that most people don’t even know they go through!

Like: post-partum depression, sleep-deprivation, and the fretting and fussing that happens when moms don’t know what baby needs.

If you know any new moms, please send this link to them, as they will get a lot out of it. Thanks!


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