Published: The Land of Ammaze Books!

I’m very stoked to announce that the books with my well-loved drawings from the Land of Ammaze are finally published! I’ve been wanting to make the Land of Ammaze series of images into a book for 15 years, and finally, … Continue reading is Up!!!

  I’m so pleased to tell you that my new Greeting Cards site is UP! is done, fully functional and ready to rock and roll! Now you can get greeting cards with my unique designs on them for the … Continue reading

Art Success Update!

As you may know, I’ve been revving up my painting and carving for a few months now, as I simultaneously wind down to working with all but the bare-bones minimum coaching – occasional teleclasses, a couple of groups, and some … Continue reading

Thanks for Helping Me Choose Images for This Year’s Holiday, Joy and Love Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to please help me decide which images were your top five to use over the holidays. I literally have hundreds of images to choose from, so it’s sometimes hard for me to … Continue reading

Coming Back to My Deepest Heart’s Passion: Painting and Carving Stone Sculpture!

Recently, I decided to return to the passions of my life: painting and stone sculpture. I had stopped carving and painting at the end of my time in New Zealand as Artist-in-Residence, in 2002. Over the last ten years, I … Continue reading

Help Me Choose Images for Holiday and New Year’s Cards!

This year, I’m having five images of my artwork printed for holiday cards. (The image you see at the left is one image I pre-ordered to see how it looks – it’s awesome!) It sounds early to think of that, … Continue reading

Get “Allow It to Be Easy” FREE!

My friend professional spirit channel Connie Russert and I created a book I think you will love. Her channeled words, my artwork. The words in this book come directly from Spirit. The energy of Spirit accompanies the words. Allow yourself … Continue reading

Want Some Unique Island Themed (and Other) Prints & Cards for Gifts this Year?

I have over 300 images on my prints and cards site, many of them from the 100 Days 100 Paintings project I did last year to raise awareness about the pollution we cause in the oceans when we buy water … Continue reading