What Core Idea Are You Conveying in Your Practice, Books, Talks, etc.?

write your book!Recently, a highly talented coaching client of mine, who has some unique techniques she uses to help people with reclaiming their health, asked me to coach her through writing her first book.

She was absolutely freaked out about it.

She cried – flapping her arms like crazy, pacing rapidly across the floor – ‘I don’t have time to write it! I have no notes, no organization! I don’t know where to start! I have all these ideas, but… people might:

  • steal my materials and ideas,
  • laugh at me,
  • criticize me,
  • debunk me,
  • and I might as a result lose my good standing as a successful businesswoman in the alternative health field.’

In reality, she is already highly respected and helps hundreds of people. But these sneaky, unresolved fears and doubts were lurking there under her every thought and action, crippling her ability to open further into the lives of thousands and help them, rather than just her local hundreds.

Yes, we did use EFT, the Emotional Freedom Techniques (http://EFTinEveryHome.com).

AND…there is a crticial concept that I showed her that makes it possible for her to use each of her fears and doubts as powerful creative juice from now on. I’ll tell you what happened in a bit –

You may have noticed that people who write books are regarded as people-apart from the ‘normal’ or ‘average’ crowd. It’s true. Because we all know how much focus and attention it takes to choose what to write, to do the writing, do the publishing and do the marketing. It’s a very big deal.

It means giving up old habits that get in the way, developing new skills, opening to help from others because it’s too difficult to do on your own – and way more.

But the real key about writing a book is finding the core message you want to get across to people. Once you find that, it’s a clear road.

Look at Dr. Joe Rubino – how many books has he written and been totally successful in selling thousands of copies? His one consistent concept is ‘change your self-esteem, change your life.’ He’s taken that one core idea and has turned it into his very mission in life, and has created a very successful business that helps literally millions of people with his books and systems.

If you want to write your books, have more success, more money and the ability to help more people, you’ve got to find the one underlying message you want to get across to people.

(Practitioners: and it is NOT EFT. EFT is a tool with a powerful underlying premise, but you have to go deeper and find the core underlying perspective that helps you change people’s lives as you use EFT.)

I’ll give you an example as to how simple it is. Shelagh Jones adores the idea of Spiritual Marketing – business people making strong connections with other business people whose spiritual values are aligned with or coincide with their own. So she created http://Spiritus.co (no m). Check it out and join it – you’ll be amazed to find so many like-minded people all ready to do biz with you.

Maria Annell, one of the top EFT practitioners in France, is highly gifted at finding the real message within any language – that’s how she gets such great results, no matter if she is working on a body on the massage table, or in a coaching session in French, Swedish or English. I’ve noticed that she employs the idea that there is only one language, the language of the heart, and it comes through in everything she does.

It’s so simple! Your message as a literacy advocate might be something like, ‘of course kids under 6 can read – and must in order to thrive in today’s world!’ Inspiration and support is carried in every word you say, in every action you take to create the opportunity for more kids to read.

Or maybe you help women who have been abused, and your underlying concept is that raising self-esteem in teenage girls will prevent them from becoming the typical helpless victim of domestic assault.

If you don’t think you know, ask yourself what ticks you off when you look at the world. What one key thing do you talk to yourself about – grumble, complain, bitch and moan about? That’s a gateway in.

Do you say to yourself, ‘I just hate it that poor communication between lovers wrecks their relationships and they go on and on and on and don’t seem to get what to do’? A friend of mine just took that idea and created an awesome book around it that I know will be a best seller. One simple idea.

Do you grumble about something and feel helpless to change it? Take one simple thing and do it to raise awareness or explore or educate – or all three. Remember the guy who ate at McDonald’s for 30 days and got sick as a dog as a result? His concept was, ‘what if….’ So now he’s working on ‘what if…I eat well, instead?’ Very simple premise – he’s a self-exploring aventurer. He took one small thing to do and made it into a big thing.

You can ask yourself what people come to you for on a regular basis that you just take for granted, that you think ‘anyone’ can do. Maybe it’s about time you got paid for it! Or paid more! Or wrote a book about it!

What one concept would you want to get across to people if you could, that would help them improve the quality of their lives? Take one small, simple idea and make it into something upon which you can stand and deliver deep value.

I like to think that Beauty raises consciousness. I’ve seen it too many times to refute it. So I make art that I, myself, would like to see on my own walls, and that makes me feel good and raises my vibration. People who are aligned with that buy the art. Simple.

I believe that knowing how to handle your emotions improves quality of life – and again, have seen it too many times to think otherwise. So I help people cruise through and employ their emotions, rather than hate and resist them.

And I take that idea one more stupendous step that results in their doubling and tripling their incomes. I’ve taken one simple idea and made it huge, and along the way I have created success as I help people. It’s exciting!

What concept do you help people understand so they can live richer lives? And around which you can create even more success for yourself?

What perspective do you convey to people when you speak? What stand do you take – like, are you still poor-me, or are you ‘let’s go we can do this’?

What idea runs through every part of your life that you haven’t recognized yet, or that you have not yet taken further out into the world arena, and with which you could really, really help people?

If you don’t know, i invite you to start asking yourself, because it’s the idea that can set you on a really exciting path of connecting, writing, speaking, playing, teaching, educating, sharing and having a blast in your own world. With the very people who need, want and respect what you have to say, what you do, and what you have to offer.

They are all waiting for you – where are you?

And…after only three weeks since that one session, the health expert who was freaking out is now almost done writing her first book…with plans for three sequels!


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