The Birth of an Adventure!

money-fllws-car-siteHave you ever had an absolutely outrageous idea for something that you’d really like to do come into your mind and not go away?

Maybe it’s something that you’ve thought about before, and pushed to the back burner or even all the way to the trash simply because even the thought of it was so completely outside your reality.

Or maybe it’s because you just didn’t see how to make it happen, or that you thought you might get a lot of flack for it.

Well, I’ve had an idea like that floating around in my head for a couple of months now. At first I put it in the trash because it simply didn’t fit what I thought I wanted to be doing in the next 6 to 12 months.

But it just wouldn’t stay there. It kept creeping into the back of my mind, onto the back burner, and recently, coming further and further to the front. Until only a couple of days ago, I gave in to it. OK! OK! I get it! Stop bugging me! I’ll do it!

So I’m telling you today that something magical and adventurous is in the dockets for me in the next three months, but I’m not telling you all about it yet, because I want to conserve the creative energy I need in order to get it happening.

In the kind-time, I’ll say this: I have a new, unique program for helping you get new clients and create your success that will knock your socks off.

I’m also creating a teeny tiny group of Elite Intrepid Explorers (12 at the max) who will be able to accompany me, share experiences, feedback and support on this new adventure. It won’t be cheap, but it sure will be extraordinary. I’ll let you know more details within the next week or so. I’m so stoked I can hardly sit still!

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