You know me – I’m the one who wishes she could heal the world of all pains and wrongs, help people feel good, see the gold in every mud puddle – blahhh blahhh blahhh –

So frustrated today!

Yeah. Well, not so much today. I’m the one in the puddle today, and it seems nine miles deep. And yes, I know it’s an illusion – an ill-used one – sure seems/feels real to me.

But man, gimme a break! Sometimes my angel wings just refuse to unfurl! And I’m left feeling like It’s All Too Much, and I Can’t Handle It, and I wish I Had a billion Bucks so I could give it away to deserving folks and causes.

And how come I feel so desolate today, when yesterday I was all Ms Optimism-Everything-Is-Perfect?

I wish I could beam myself back to Hawaii. I miss that climate so much. And walking on the beach. And having a garden – man, I miss that.

I discovered my FB profile account here has been in jail for a month, and will be until December! WTF? Oh – I forgot – we live in the land of the free! No censorship here! Right? WRONG.

How am I sposed to get my words and art to people if they cut me off? Anybody got any good ideas of alternative websites where you can express freely? I’m sick of FB’s restrictions.

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