What Happens to You When You Watch Scary Stuff in Movies and Videos?

Sometimes I do things that drain my energy. I forget to stop, and end up an emotional mess. Have you ever done that?

Silly birdies and silly titles

Silly Birdies

A video I watched a couple of days ago that a friend sent me was one of those really well-done, 2-hour videos outlining how ‘they’ do this bad thing and ‘they’ do that bad thing, and how ‘we the people’ are suffering, and are powerless and helpless….

As I watched, I began to feel like I’d been kicked in the guts.

I could quite literally feel my energy field grow darker and darker, and my body feel weaker and weaker.

I heard myself saying, “well, this is nothing new, we know that!”

And suddenly I thought, well, stop! If I’m already aware of what I’m being shown, why on this beautiful planet should I sit here for another hour and 20 minutes, until ALL of my energy is cr*pped out, and I’m a quivering wreck?

So I stopped watching it.

You could say, ‘Duh, easy choice!’

But no — sometimes it really is NOT easy.

Sometimes there’s a strangely deep, compelling, perverse fascination with behind-the-scenes tricksies people do that disempower others, or political games, or dark movies, or horror stories that, even though they make me feel powerless, I would feel compelled to continue.

But this time, I made the choice to guard and nurture my energy, instead. So I turned the video off, got up, and went for a walk.

I felt so much better right off. Although I did have to do some major tapping, and even call a friend to help me debrief , because I was that heavily affected after only ten minutes.

Maybe the people putting that video together had good intentions.

Maybe they wanted to ‘wake people up’.

But I think the real effect of it is to scare the living patootie out of the viewers.

That may be what it takes to get people moving to create solutions for bad practices or circumstances, like human trafficking, or medical harm perpetrated knowingly by doctors, I don’t know. Maybe it does work.

But I believe that those of us who are supremely sensitive to energy, and who work with others to help them with their energy, really need to be careful as to what we do with our own energy.

Because watching dark scenes and taking in information that is so heavily laden with emotional effects can seriously derail us if we’re not alert as to what’s going on in our systems.

I use EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques) to tap down the anxiety and fear, and then introduce a realignment with my true nature, my true feelings about how amazing life is, and how grateful I am to just wake up and breathe each day.

And, because I’m lucky enough to be an artist, I also can go straight to my drawing board and draw silly stuff that makes me laugh. Like Wanna and Toona and Threena, in the image above. I’m easy! Silly stuff like that makes me guffaw.

I’d much rather laugh at silly stuff than be a dark emotional wreck not knowing what hit me.

What do you do to get back to feeling good again, after being derailed?


Thanks for reading my story — I appreciate it so much. I hope it brightened and lightened your day a little.


Image: Silly Birdies
© Angela Treat Lyon 2021

Prints available of the whole group, or individual birdies.
Printed on paper, acrylic, metal, and ceramic tiles.

Story: © Angela Treat Lyon 2023

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