“…We all have darkness and light in us, but we also have the ability to choose love over hatred….”

Yes! In a video I watched a few days ago, Jordan Peterson was saying that unless you face and accept your dark side, you will just be a weak person.

I agree. It’s not that once you find your dark side you have to express it – it’s that you find it, accept it’s there, and choose NOT to express it. That makes you a strong person. And dangerous, because you know you will use that dark side if needed. I really like that.

There are those who deny the dark, and want everyone to be super-sappy-nice-nice. That’s not true reality.

And in recent years, people have let out their dark without thought of consequence at all. That’s even worse.

I believe it’s time to focus on building a kindness-oriented culture, while acknowledging that we do have danger within us, and we will use it – if needed – to defend the Light.

Angela Treat Lyon
Image: We Are Me
© Angela Treat Lyon 2014

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