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Suddenly, the plastic sheet in my hands quivered a little, and there! There it was! The Door!

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Made of Day

In a dream, I was with a man who was kind of Tibetan looking, but not. He was showing me a piece of sheet plastic — about a foot square, clear, shiny. He was shifting it around in his hands a bit, playing with reflecting light off it onto the wall beside us.

Suddenly, he stops, looks closely, and says, “Got it! See?” I look, and all I see is a shiny piece of clear plastic.

He hands me the sheet, and says to shift it around until I “see the Door.” Huh? OK. So I shift it around, trying to see into it, trying to see color, trying to see anything! But no, nothing appeared.

As I shifted the plastic around, I felt huge amounts of energy building up in me, becoming hard to contain.

I became impatient and irritable, so annoyed that I tried to shove the plastic back into his hands and walk away.

But he pushed it back at me and laughed. “You’ve almost got it, I can tell!” he said.

I looked at him with what I was hoping was a nasty glare, but he just laughed again.

“Didn’t you know, “ he asked, “that when you get irritable or annoyed, it’s because your Spirit Knows there is Something There for it, but can’t get it? It’s just energy building up inside you that wants a Connection!”

As he spoke, I felt the truth of what he was saying. All at once, all the times I’d gotten irritable and annoyed, impatient or grumpy had different meaning to me. All it meant was that I was looking for a deeper connection to life itself! Wow.

Suddenly, the plastic sheet in my hands quivered a little, and there! There it was! The Door! Instead of standing there holding a hard plastic sheet with no meaning to it at all, I was INSIDE a vast tropical-ish landscape. It was misty, and there was a lovely rainbow over the top of the mist.

As I gazed at it, I felt my heart would burst with pleasure.

It only lasted a moment — the second I tried to move within that “reality” I came back to this one. So this is the Door!

. . .

I awoke soon after that, feeling as if it was all so real that I’d turn over to see that sheet of plastic. The feeling of that “other” reality was so strong that I can still close my eyes and feel/see it.

What he’d said about our inclination to get irritable or impatient when our Spirit sees and wants and can’t get something is such a beautiful way to look at things.

I can see people I know who are prone to anger or upset or outburst in a different light now, and it’s easier to think about being around them, understanding their pain.

Even people who numb out — they are in freeze mode, not going anywhere til the way is “right.” They do Numb instead of Mad.

What also comes to mind is something my uncle said to me long ago: “those with the understanding, in any negative or uncomfortable situation, are the ones responsible for clearing the air.

It’s not appropriate for them to wait for others to do it, because those others may not even know the energy is off, they may not know how to shift it, and they may even want it to be off.

If you understand what is going on, you have the power to shift it, and the responsibility to open that mouth of yours and speak up.”

At the time he told me that (I was 20), I didn’t have a clue what the heck he meant. We had been discussing my recent divorce, and how frustrated I had been with someone who I felt didn’t respect me.

He said it was a lesson well-learned about my choosing someone who reflected my own not-respecting myself.

I choked on that and felt not-heard, misunderstood, blah blah blah, and left crying.

But later, I saw the wisdom in his words.

I indeed had been with the perfect person to show me how much I did not respect or honor myself.

So how would I go about resolving situations in the future?

This is what he told me:
If you feel “off,” you ask yourself, is this what I want?
If it is not, you ask, can I bear this until it is over?
If not, can I change it?
If not, can I leave?
If not, can I wait, and leave when I can?
Ask, what would I prefer, in its place?
Ask, what is the first step I can take to create that new situation?
And stop focusing on the pain!
Focus, instead, on the reality you want to bring into manifestation.

Keep reminding yourself that you are here to develop your Spirit.

Michael Beckwith says we are be here to unfold our souls. I like that. Others are here to do the same.

What can you do to resolve the situation, coming from that standpoint? Instead of thinking that the other person is wrong, mad, hurt, a pain in the butt, annoying, etc.

It’s of no matter “how” those others are.

All they want is that same deep Connection. When their Deep Self feels they cannot get it, they act out as a result. As do we.

I decided to try to look at things through these eyes just to try it on. See if I could swim above the problem at hand and help resolve the situation.

The desire to meet Spirit can be fulfilled through the simple ability to ask this: “If I knew this situation could be resolved without hassle, what would I want it to be like?”

I started to attempt to suspend old beliefs that hold me slave to thoughts like, “I can’t,” “It’ll never happen,” “He won’t….” “She won’t….”

The reality we see before us right now is only a compilation of the results of decisions we have made in the past.

It’s a pile of results!
NOT a pile of possibilities!
It’s a pile of Done Stuff.

The way out of those results is to focus on what we want, our objective, on creating, on our choices, on our consciousness expanding.

It’s the difference between driving down a tunnel backwards, seeing only (and getting upset about) the dark in the car and in the tunnel — and facing front, focusing on and getting to our destination.

And not focusing on the potholes along the way, but savoring the trip itself.

If you had a Doorway to Something Delightful, what would it be like when you walk through?

This is what your soul wants.


Thanks for reading my story — I appreciate it so much. I hope it brightened and lightened your day a little.


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