7 Critical Components You Must Have in Place to Build Your 6-Figure Coaching Business

Last week, I held a FREEbie Teleclass for the folks at globalteleclass.com (and no, you do not have to be a coach – the information I’m going to give you will still be important for your biz):

The 7 Critical Components You Must Have in Place to Create Your 6 Figure Coaching Business

If you’d like to listen to the audio now, here’s where to get it – free: http://7CrticalKeys.com

You get a quick (a few surprise secrets revealed) overview of the usual 7 components others tell you, like:
•   niches (marketers hate me when I tell this one)
•   how you set up your biz
•   charging higher fees
•   mindset…

…PLUS I included some important extras like:
•   what about Heart relative to business
•   what does value have to do with anything
•   hating selling and how it stops you in your tracks
•   some simple steps you can take right away to get going or to raise your level of success.


I will probably not be presenting that again, but you can get the audio and bonuses for the teleclass here: http://7CriticalKeys.com

I’d love to send you more updates for other classes, if you’d like – all you need to do is go to any of these sites and get the freebies – that puts you right on the updates list:


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Julie says:


Was wondering if the “7 Critical Components” webinar will be offered again? If so, please DO place me on your sign-up list.