I grew up on a small harbor right off Long Island Sound.

We used to go down to the little beach near our house and watch the 12-meter racing boats cruise into the harbor on their practice days.

So exciting – they were so huge! One of them could have eaten my tiny 13′ boat for a snack!

Nowadays they have these fancy-ass catamaran things that get going fast enough to fly out of the water on these long foils that look like sticks – so weird.

I don’t think they even look like boats anymore.

I miss the grace and sleek beauty of the older boats like this one.

I called this Wing and Wing because she’s sailing downwind with both her main and jib flying free on either side of the boat, picking up as much wind as she can, since it’s almost a flat day – it’s so thrilling to be on a boat that size, doing that –

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