Sometimes, before the sun is up all the way, the wind skittles across the glassy-smooth surface of the ocean, and it looks like a pinky-blue streaked mirror.

The swells come rolling in, incessant, constant, hypnotic. Every so often, the current and the swells clash just right, and a surprised wave pops its head up to catch the rising light before crashing in on itself.

It falls in, and the constant rolling continues, never ceasing. Too cold to go dive in, I stand shoulders hunched slightly with the chill, my hands buried in my wooly jacket, never tired of the eternal rhythm and play.

This painting was done after the last class in the Painting Waves course I just took – can you tell I miss the beach?

Original pastels on heavy paper
9″ x 12″
Original and prints available
Contact me if you’d like one or the other!

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