Magnetize More Money and Leap to Another Level of Success

Be More Productive Make More MoneyWhen I asked for feedback about what you were challenged with recently, i was shocked, because so many answers we re so similar.

Most of you said, “I want more mo.ney but don’t know what to do.”

There were two camps: one said “I’m stuck and don’t know what to do to get to the next level,” and the other said, “I’m in a panic!”

I get it. I hear you. And I don’t want to wait until The Genius Keys book is out to lend a hand. I’d feel nutso, knowing you were out there struggling and feeling frantic when you don’t have to.

So, read on…whether you’re a successful old hand who just needs a boost to a new level, or you’re new at business, marketing and/or EFT or energy work.
EVERYone could use more dough – from newbies starting out in biz to ultra-successful millionaires. No matter what level of income you’re at, you can always, always, always use more. Because the more you use, the more ideas you think up of how to use more!

And when you get more, at first it’s great to know that you can cover your expenses.

Then when you make even more, it’s great to know that:
•  You can create something out of your genius.
•  You can create a business around your genius.
•  You can market it and people want it.
•  There’s a little extra you can share with people you love.
•  You can expand your business.

And then you get to the place where:
•  All your personal needs and wants are more than adequately covered.
•  And you can give to whoever you darn well please – whether it’s cash or something else.
•  You can give to causes whose work you respect.
•  And you can even create foundations or support even more causes.

In short: Everyone can always use more dough! And in each and every case when you generate more, you feel great about YOU…because you’re DOing it.

The are just two things in the way of you and more mo.ney:
1. What you think and believe, and
2. What you do.

Believe it or not, that’s IT. Your ability to bring in abundance has only to do with what is in your heart, your hands, your noggin and your actions.

I’ve been there. Down and dirty, broke, busted and very badly bent.

In November of 2004, after so many years of being dead broke, I had had it. HAD IT. I decided to go to a workshop that I just knew would change my life. I paid my whole rent money to go, and even brought my own peanut butter sandwiches because I couldn’t go out for food. When I flew home again, I had $7.03 to my name.

And yes, what I got there did change my life. I used it and I was in the black within 3 months afterwards. That was when I wrote the PIGEES fina.ncial fre.edom system books: http://PIGEES.combut don’t buy it yet until you see what’s next….

I have come a long, long way since then. I’ve had a few knocks along the way, but each one taught me how to get back on my feet and to increase my feeling of success.

You want that kind of shift, too? You want more mo.ney? More so than ever before? OK – I’ll show you how I’m doing it – still. Better and better.

There is a sequential foundation you absolutely must put into place before you can even *begin* to change your circumstances.

I’ll show you exactly what it is, because it’s so important that you’ll use it for the rest of your life. I still use it all the time. When you have it, you won’t even want to allow yourself any excuses.

I’ve decided to give TWO quick-notice teleclasses, so I invite you to come to one of them. Read this carefully so you can choose the one that’s right for you.


If you’re a newbie and want the basics of how to get a real kick-start out of the discouraging rut you’re in, come to this one:

The 9 Steps to Magnetize More Mo.ney Teleclass

>>> TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 8 to 9pm NY time
Register here: 29.95

You get the Essential Secrets to never having to feel stuck or frantic again, and the 9 Steps to Magnetize More Money Teleclass

And since my birthday is coming up on December 7th, and I always make goodies available as a thank-you for being with me all year: the first 20 people who sign up get the PIGEES books as a My-Birthday First Gift! ($79 value)



If you’re already successful (on any level) and want to make a massive jump to the next level, you’ll want to come to this one:

The 9 Steps to Magnetize More Money and Turn Fear into Magic Teleclass

>>> WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 1, 8 to 9pm NY time
Register here: 99.95

The first 20 people who sign up will also get
1. the PIGEES system ($79 value) AND
2. a 30-minute Strategy Session with me (value $275)!

You get the Essential Secrets to never having to feel stuck or frantic again, and the 9 Steps to Magnetize More Money Teleclass.

PLUS – I’m going to show you how to set up your entire life so you can leap to new levels without having to feel panicky and stuck, or do the plateau thing ever again.

Imagine that you could have anything you wanted. That you could feel any way your wanted. It’s possible. Let’s make it happen for you.

I look forward to seeing you on one of the calls!

aloha –

p.s. WHY DO I WANT YOU to make more mo.ney?

>> Because mon.ey greases the wheels of your ability to take your genius out into the world and grace people with it. Mon.ey is not an end in itself – what you do with it for the planet, your family, friends, clients, customers, neighbors, acquaintances and yourself IS.

>> Because I know what it’s like to be depressed and stuck and thinking there’s no way out. Since people have cared enough about me to help me out, I want take a turn and help you out.

>> Because I know that there are no limits you can’t surmount, and there are always new levels to have fun reaching. And successful people help other people because it’s sheer fun and exciting!


>> Because you have singular talents, gifts and skills that no one else in this or any other lifetime has in quite the combination you do.

If you don’t share those with the rest of us, not only do you eventually get to leave this earthly plane knowing you did NOT reach your fullest potential possible, but – you have witheld your genius from us!


I invite you to decide today, right this minute, to come on out one more little bit – or even a lot-bit – and I’ll show you how to do it without getting fried by the hype-machine or crushed by the ugly naysayings that jealous, resistant people who love their ruts will lay on you. They’ve given up and want you to, too.

Are you ready to take the next leap?

Start expanding your idea of success into something bigger and better, and even a little scary – and I’ll show you how to use that scary energy for creating and achieving your goals.

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