How we can drum in a new era of joy, peace, beauty, and love.

Purple Bear Drummers

I guess I’m still an old hippie at heart. I look at what’s going down in the world right now, and remember the 60s, and how the world looked upside down and crazy, then, too.

Out of that ‘bad’ time, men’s groups grew, shamanistic trainings flourished, women threw away bras and other restrictions that had been ingrained in us for centuries. Hallucinogens transported us to new awarenesses and extra-3D dimensions.

It was both a dire and a very, very rich time. I believe we are now at a similar juncture, albeit more dire by magnitudes than it was back then.

No matter the intensity, we have a choice.

We can buy into the directed narrative, and ignore the increasing urgings of regimented realities that our respective, unrespecting govs are trying to foist upon us; or we can stick our trusty middle finger up and say, ‘nope, not going there.’

I think you can guess what my fingers are doing. I am a tried and true American. I live for freedom. This is one reason I write these things.


So I had this dream where the Purple Drummer Bears and their Children jammed together. They chanted their Songs of Righteous Freedom, and jammed the low frequencies that only seek to harm and kill right off the planet.

Love flourished, the air came clean, the rivers flowed crystal clear, and every last living thing thrived and prospered and rejoiced.

I want that!


This basic up-yours finger exercise is what all of us who truly care need to do.

Listen to me. I know it’s scary to think of making waves. But do you have to make the waves so big it creates danger for yourself?

Not really. You can take small incremental measures that don’t mark you as a Danger to the powers-that-be.

Like, instead of recycling your water bottles, fill them up with water and stash them for your garden for when there is a water shortage. Because you know there will be one, with the weather being so hot already in June.

But that sassy finger is not just a flourish it and
forget-it-go-back-to-how-things-are, either.

That finger movement has to start at the core of our unflappable, eternal Beings. So its essence steams up from within and curls into the skies to vaporize the dross that rains down and pollutes and sticks to us all, inside and out.

We can do it small, like sending prayers and love and hearts through messages and texts and hugs and other gestures.

We can go big and be world leaders, city planners, mayors, council members – whatever we feel capable of doing.

We can go medium and just intentionally add love to every square cubic inch of our loved ones, friends, biz partners.

This is what those of us who care need to do.

We care about the planet, care about our children, and theirs, and we want to live the rest of our lives without being afraid of some invisible inimical force that is constantly and continually trying to eliminate or enslave us.


Whichever way we choose, we need to do it in ways that embrace harmony and beauty, rather than falling into the old no-one-wins patterns of strife and war.

We need to do what we do so our hearts sing.
We need to add the unique Secret Sauce
of our Souls to every last thing we do.

That’s the only way to supersede and literally erase the lower dimensions from our lives.

When high frequencies vibrate, it’s impossible for the lower ones to have impact upon them.


Every single one of us is a Creative force.

You don’t have to be an artist or author, or go by any of the traditional creative titles we can think of.

All that is needed is that you insert your love into everything you do.
Brushing your teeth.
Making a meal.
Driving down the road.
Shopping for peanut butter.
Paying your bills.
Treating customer service people with respect.
Walking your doggie.

Flick those rebellious fingers like mini-magic wands and sprinkle sparkling sequinny love and joy and life and creativity upon the entire world!

Imbue everything with the deepest love your heart can dredge up.

Every. Last. Thing.

And in the back of your closet, right next to the Narnia Door, you’ll find your Purple Bear Drumming Cloak.

Sling that soft magic velvet around your shoulders, reach for your Maker’s Drum, come on out and start drumming for love, peace, beauty and joy.

That’s how it’s done.

And keep on keeping on, even after bedtime, when our drums go back into the closet again.

WE know where they are.


Image: Purple Bear Drummers
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