Life Is Complicated!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of people telling me what I ‘should’ buy or ‘should’ do. Use the Law of Attraction! Do this technique! You should eat green! You should stop eating sugar! Use this technique to get more clients! You should…you should…you should!

NO! I shouldn’t!
And I won’t, either!

In my experience, the Law of Attraction is mis-marketed. It was a huge trend a while ago. I noticed that people who didn’t quite understand the workings of it were giving out incorrect information hand over fist, and it made me mad. Because if used right, it does work.

First, it’s not a law, it’s a principle.

And second, you have to add appropriate Doing to the Dreaming — taking real, concrete action — or it doesn’t work. Something most LOAers forget to tell you, if they even know it.

Yes, envisioning your desire is essential.

But do they tell you how to handle the yeah-buts your mind trips you up with that make you feel like you can’t have or be or do what you set out for?

Do they help you find the appropriate steps you need to take to support your dream manifesting in the real world?

Do they tell you that you need to have kind, strong support for when you fall off the track?

How do they know what I should get? How I should be? What I need to eat?

Beware of the one-size fits all claims!

How do they know I’m not an alien from a planet where our blood is made of chocolate, and if I stopped eating sugar I would die!

Really! What do people who tell us what to do know about us, personally?

I’m the blurter. One of those people who says that one scary thing everyone is thinking but no one wants to say. So here it is:

I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do,

what’s good for me, or what I need.

I determine that, no one else.

The only reason I buy anything is that I see value in it for me. That it can help me do, be or have some thing, whether that’s to fill my belly, build my business, help my clients, or hone my mind.

Here’s what I do.

When someone offers me something, I take a breath and allow myself to be calm, and let my inner wise person to come to the front.

Then I ask my inner wisdom,
• Is this something that actually will benefit me?
• Or is it something I’ve seen-heard-learned-about in a million different forms that I don’t need or already have?
• Do I just need to go about being me and doing what I do already to follow the deep urgings of my dreams with the information I’ve already gotten, or would this thing add to my experience?

When I hear someone say to me, “You must…” I close off.

Call me rebel, resistant, reluctant, stubborn — fine. I don’t mind! But — no one but no one tells this girl what to do.

When I am asked what do I need or want, I open.

Because that’s the beginning of curiosity and imagination.

It’s the beginning of a conversation that will help me determine what I do or do not want to add to my life. It’s the beginning of being able to take delight in a new choice.

I like choice! It makes me feel rich!

So here’s what I invite you to do. (See what I did there? Not gonna see me tell you what to do!)

I invite you to slow down when you see tantalizing offers. Being in a rush is a good indication to me that I’m probably missing something important, and that I might regret my choice later on if I go through with it now.

Maybe they are wonderful deals, beautiful products and services you think would be good. Stuff that maybe would make you some money, expand your skill set or knowledge, or that might be fun.

Allow your breath to come naturally.
Allow it to go deep, down into your belly.
Allow yourself to feel present, and calm.

Now, from this centered place, ask yourself if this goody really is something you need and want.

Ask yourself if it really will, honestly, give you some thing you don’t have already, or if it might in truth add value to your life.

That way, if and when you do decide to purchase it, you can look at that thing with excitement, instead of buyer’s remorse.

And if it’s a self-help thing you bought, you will actually use it, rather than sticking it unopened on the bookshelf you have reserved for all the courses you’ve never even touched once.

Shelf-help. Waste of money. Purchased hope without legs.

Why am I so adamant about making my own unaffected choices?

Because I spent years trying to fit in to the social norm. What a disaster. No place no how did I fit in. I’ve had to make my own place.

Because I spent years and years trying to be nice, trying to not rock the boat, not to be the blurter, holding my inner wild child back.

All that did was make me nervous, shy, paranoid and absolutely crazy. I ended up not trusting my own intuition, my own natural choices.

Took me decades to shed all that crap.

Now, I’m a crusty old fart. I have and listen to my own mind and do my own will to the best of my ability. Man, I’m tellin’ ya, this space of freedom is stunning.

Now I know that when I personally take hold of my own choices, and meditate about them the way I just suggested, I feel more ME, like I have choice, and can make decisions for ME.

People have asked me what they, as ‘little’ individual people, can do, too.

They wonder how do they combat the forces that seem to have been increasing in power against life itself. Factions we don’t want to be part of tripping us up, folding us into more and more control.

This is where choosing to do acts of sovereignty comes in. Like using cash where you once used credit cards.

You get to choose —do you want to be free of domination, or continue to let others form and shape your reality for you?

Those little decisions add up. And not only that, but the more personal power we retrieve by being calm and centered, making these mini-choices, the more people we meet who are of a like-mindset, and who are also accruing more personal power.

Once we gather together with those other folks, we, too, become a force to reckon with. Not affected by trends and fads.

Remember the Boston Tea Party, a gathering of ‘little’ people who created a momentous shift in our world!

Choosing counts. It allows you to keep on keeping on!


Thanks so much for reading my story. I hope it lit you up, inspired you, or made you curious, or gave you a new perspective with which to view and appreciate your own life. Or maybe inspires you to take on a new exciting expanding scary fun adventure! That’s my wish.



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