Dreaming My Newsletters?

I’ve never told anyone this, but almost every one of my newsletters you’ve read has come from a dream.

I literally write them in a dream state, and when I get up, all the words pour out onto the screen through my fingers in a big tumble.

It’s quite an experience.

Imagine having someone in your mind who has an idea, and is explaining it and talking with you with you about it, in a very lucid, 2-way conversation! That’s what it’s like. I hear it over and over again until all the pieces fit just right.

In actuality, there are a lot more of these dreams than I publish. I just choose the ones that seem the juiciest. Like this one that came through this morning:

As I’ve been walking people through the first chakras in my Money Tapping Groups, I have shared my own experiences as a younger person with each class to illustrate some of the tendencies and vows innate to each chakra.

Yesterday in the class when I was speaking about my teenage self, I noticed that – although I didn’t say so – my attitude towards my younger self was quite harsh, and I even felt a little embarrassed about it, because I found myself projecting the very rigid judgements of my family onto myself.

Subsequently I discovered that I was worried about “what they would think if they knew” I had done those things. This is a chakra 1 thing – “what will they think of me, I’ll get punished, the tribe will shun me,” and so on.

As I contemplated this, I saw that instead of judging my actions so harshly, I could take another view and just congratulate myself for having done some pretty courageous stepping out of the bounds of my family’s invisible, unspoken agreements into new exploratory space.

And that I could be very grateful for the opportunity to have been able to do that; as well as for the safety my family provided me at the time, even amidst their protestations that I was acting so badly!

Over the years as I have been a coach, I have met so many people from all over the world and gotten to hear so many stories that ranged from slightly distressed to virtually horrific. I used to think of my own growing up times as hard, but compared to some, I lived in a goose-down pillow!

What’s important about that is that

I can see the contrast now, and I can feel deeply, and I can have real, heart-felt compassion for the people with whom I work.

Without the experiences that seemed scary or terrible to me – everything is relative, right? – and the view of others’ lives, I would have no comparison from which to draw understanding.

I wouldn’t be able to grasp how desperately alone someone with depression feels, how terrorized a war vet might still feel sometimes years and years after coming home from the war, or how utterly devastated a mother might be after having a miscarriage.

So I decided that I would change my opinion of my life’s experiences of neglect and depression and rebellion and sexy-without-heart and neediness and confusion and self-judgement.

What if I cherished each one as a perfect experience, a perfect chance to see and feel the contrast between what might be called horrid and what might be called grand?

What if I extended to myself the love and the care and the grace that I do my utmost to extend to others?

When I came to that idea in my dream this morning, I awoke in tears of gratitude, that really I could deeply bless myself the way I’ve always wanted to feel blessed and loved and cherished.

I’ve felt it all day as I’ve moved through the got-to’s and the phone calls and the painting and the emails – it’s like a special sauce on the feast of my life.

THAT is why I keep saying over and over to ‘tap on it ‘ do the inner clearing and cleaning and shifting; shift from destructive ideas that make you vibrate at a lower frequency than you could be experiencing, so you can feel free and loving and loved.

THAT is why I keep bringing teleclasses and ebooks and audios and radio shows and other experts to you, so you can help yourself to get out from under from your family’s and your own harsh criticism and the effects of downward thinking and limiting fears.

And yes, THAT is why I remind you of the little 8-hour flash super-save-sale I’m having this Saturday from 4pm to midnight Eastern time, because there is so much deep, highly valuable, rich tapping on the audios I’m offering that you can’t help but get yourself free – at least a little bit! – by using them!

I’m really relishing my own appreciation for me right now – I know it might sound indulgent, but that’s really OK. I like feeling great! And I’m sending some your way, too.

I’ll be sending out the notice with the links for the Super-Save-Sale this Saturday at 4 pm NY time!

Remember I love you!!!

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