In a dream, I ushered men out of a light-filled chute and onto the ground at the bottom.

Creation of Beings

I could hear them flopping and bouncing and clattering down the chute, some cussing loudly, some weeping and wailing, terrified; others silent.

All came out with a shout of pleased and excited surprise that they were still alive and unharmed.

My role was to show them how to see that thoughts are things, and that they could create their own reality from now on.

They got to practice for three days, then they had to go on.

Time did not exist, although I knew I’d been there for centuries, maybe even eons.

All of a sudden, I wondered, why were there no women?

Immediately, a new chute appeared, with women of all ages, from girls, infants and even babies all the way to the aged crone, bursting out of their chute and landing in the soft grass.

As soon as I saw that, I wondered, where are the birds?

And bees? And fish … and suddenly, another huge chute opened with every possible being on earth — from nano-size bacteria to giraffes and whales and long-tusked mammoths, all of them bouncing and falling and flying out of the end into my world.

I taught every single one of them how to create their own realities.

One day, realizing I was tired and needed a vacation from playing god, I wondered what the realities these beings were creating were like.

I was taken on a flash tour.

The range of creation was unfathomable, ranging from top-end nirvana to the lowest, blackest misery I hope to never experience or even be within range of again, ever.

I visited planets of bliss and ecstasy where I experienced … well, never mind!

Some centered on delicious creations that made my mouth drool for months on end.

Others transported me on wings and waves of pure music to planets, stars and galaxies humans on Earth can’t begin to imagine.

Every reality created by one of the chute-beings was unique and wondrous. Thousands — millions — of them!

I returned to my god-post.

I discovered my twin had taken over in my absence, and was now handling the processing and further education of the beings coming down through the tunnel of light.

There were rules:

They couldn’t go back.
Memories of all experiences of their previous life were erased.
Talents, gifts, knowledge and wisdom gained were kept.
(I was happy about that!)
They got to choose gender, species, age, color and size.

There were more, but I forget what they were.

I awoke feeling so expanded that it took me a bit to feel right inside this body on this plane.


text and image
© Angela Treat Lyon 2022

Black ink on watercolor paper: 5.5″ square, framed: 9″square.

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