I had a dream where I was being hunted by dozens of enormous ravenous beings.

Gnarly Monsters try to grab me…

They stomped and crashed the very earth under their feet, making me stumble and fall.

Each one reached gnarly fingers out to grab and rend me, but somehow could never latch on.

I was terrified.

Until I saw in a mirror that there was a golden glow of invisible angels all around me, and that the entire protective Universe surrounded me on all sides, preventing these beings from having any access to me at all.

As I looked closer, I could see stars and galaxies in the Dark.

The glow looked like egg yolk.
I felt warm and safe within it, like a little new chick.

I felt so happy, and woke up feeling so loved and safe and protected I wept.


Image: I’m Safe from Harm
5.5″ square, frame 9″square. Available.
text and image © Angela Treat Lyon 2023

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