Change Your Mind! with EFT: the Basics – Revised!

112815-CYM-BAS-COVER-3D-5hI’ve gone over and revised  my Signature EFT book, Change Your Mind with EFT, the Basics.

When I revised it, I was frankly amazed at how good it is!

I expected to have to change and update a whole lot of stuff in it, but all I did was rewrite a few sentences and reformat it. It’s as dynamite as it was when it first came though me in 2002.

In case you have never read it, it’s a simple, clear manual on how to use EFT: what it is, how it came to be, and how to use it easily, rapidly and effectively for what ails ya and for creating new options and possibilities.

If you’ve been struggling with fear, anger, irritability, pain, illness or food cravings; if you have trouble staying on track or can’t quite stay focused on your action plans, you’ll want to get it for yourself. Or even as a gift for someone else.

I have it in ebook and on the Kindle for all you ipad and e-device users, and in print format for you if you love marking and underlining books, and holding them cozily on your lap.

If anything is bringing you down off what could be a wonderfully enjoyable life experience and you don’t have this book, I invite you get it now and use it! CLICK HERE to get it!

Remember I love you!
aloha –

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