10 Power Breakthrough Questions

Just yesterday I had a 26-minute business breakthrough session with one of my mentors.

It enabled me to get past something I’ve been struggling with that caused me to leave about $30K on the table just since March. Ouch.

How did he do it? He asked me one question. That’s it. One.

With that one question, he totally popped me out of where I was at and into a completely shifted reality where I felt empowered and the so-called problem was no longer even a relevant thought.

And…double benefits…the question is one that now I can use myself in my own coaching.

Maybe you love to be with your clients – going over what’s going on with them, and helping them out. Yes! That’s great!

And…you probably already know that you can only work with so many people a week without feeling drained or burned out.

Well, what if you had specific ways to speed up the process so you can get them into action faster and more powerfully, getting the results they want to get…in less time than it takes you now?

That’s why I use my Power Questions.

Instead of going over and over what’s happened in the past, dwelling on the pain, the stories, the endless analyzation and shoulda-couldas…what if you could get them turned around and sprinting on the just-right-for-them path NOW?

Let’s say you have ten people a week who come to you for an hour each. Ten hours.

What would it be like if you could handle all ten in 5 hours? Or less?

I can hear you saying, “Ohhh, but…you can’t charge your usual rate for ‘only’ half an hour!”

Wrong. See, it isn’t about you spending an hour with them that’s important! If they want someone to talk to for an hour, they need a loving friend, spouse, counsellor or therapist, not a coach! You are a coach because you help your clients get specific results. So whether it takes you 10 or 30 minutes is irrelevant!

Do you think I cared that my call yesterday lasted 26 minutes instead of 60? Not a whit – because I got what I needed, and was hot to trot – I didn’t WANT to stay on the line for one second more!

I was paying for value, not minutes. I got way more than 26 minutes!

I got a future-filled bank account, clients I want to work with asking me if I would work with them, and ease in getting them going. What coach wouldn’t want that?

Want to discover how you can add more value to your clients’lives in less time – with less work – even as you raise your rates?

Well, so what?

Here’s what:

  • you’ll have more of the kind of confidence that comes from that deep space of “I know I can do that”
  • you can have as many 1-1 calls as you want in the week without burning out
  • you’ll feel utterly comfortable and competant – espcially in your group programs
  • your clients get the  breakthrough or new perspective they want in 10 to 20 minutes – or less…
  • and they run out the door or get off the phone hot to trot and ready to go full blast
  • you can get fast breakthroughs without sacrificing the energetic importance of the emotions and feelings that your client is experiencing – this is not about denial but redirection of creative energy!
  • and – you can use these same questions on YOU!

I use these same questions on myself all the time! Because they keep me focused, sharp, inspired, creative and moving powerfully forward in my life and my business.

This is beyond getting unstuck.

This is about helping people pop rapidly through whatever they are struggling with.

It’s about helping them easily and smoothly take that next step.

They stay committed, on track through thick and thin, calmly empowered and in the light.

I want to show you how to do this so you can help more people in less time with less effort. Think that might make your day a little lighter? It sure does mine!

I invite you to join me on THURSDAY, JUNE 30 from 8 to 9pm NY time for The 10 Power Breakthrough QS Teleseminar.

  • If you are the powerful coach I think you are, you’ll see the value of questions like these and take full advantage of this call.
  • If you’re not a coach, but are committed to your growth and evolution, and you know the value of empowering questions, this is for you.

In Thursday’s 10 Power Breakthrough Qs Teleseminar, I walk you through what the questions are, where to ask them and how to do it so you get the best results – whether you’re using them with your clients or on yourself.

I’m keeping the live attendance at 12 people to preserve the integrity of the live interaction.

Use this link if you want to be on the call live:

You can come on the call without interaction, or only get the audios, that’s fine, too.

Yup. $97. These questions are part of my secret toolbox. I use the same Qs to get the dynamic results I’m used to getting. I want you to have them, too – they will super-charge your coaching forever.

What if I told you that…

  • by using these questions you could double your income easily – with less work. Would that make a difference to you? Sure has for me!
  • your clients shift radically into action-inspired go-getters who adore their work and lives
  • the majority of people who I ask these questions love them to bits (and some have even asked me why I never used them before!) because they get results so fast

It’s all true. So if you are as dedicated to helping as many people as you can in your coaching, what are you waiting for?

Remember I love you –
aloha –

p.s. Use this link if you want to be on the call live, or come on the call without interaction, or only get the audios, that’s fine, too. Use this link here: http://bit.ly/10-BTQs

Yes, it’s $97. Because this is advanced information you need to know now, and I don’t just give it away!

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